Conny Ljungfeldt's Rotal March 743, seen here at Silverstone.  Copyright Alan Raine 2007.  Used with permission.

Swedish Formula 3 1975

Tore Helle's well-funded Rotel Racing Team dominated the 1975 Swedish series, with reigning champion Conny Andersson very successful in F3 across the continent in a new March 753, and his young teammate Conny Ljungfeldt winning the domestic title in Andersson's old 743. As well as the two domestic races that he won, Andersson also won the Swedish GP support race at Anderstorp in June, and a round of the Italian series at Casale in September.

Gunnar Nilsson had looked like he might win the 1975 championship but after winning the opening round, he decided to concentrate on the high-profile BP Super Visco championship in Britain. Thanks to winning that championship, not to mention a very successful late-season cameo in Formula Atlantic, he was propelled straight into F1 in 1976.

Apart from Andersson and Nilsson, few Swedes had the latest equipment, but Ingvar Carlsson went well in a new GRD 375. Although Marchs won all the races in Sweden in 1975 using Novamotor's Toyota engine, the bulk of the grids were made up of old GRDs and Brabhams fitted with Ford twin cam engines.

The races

27 Apr 1975 > Knutstorp

11 May 1975 > Mantorp Park

08 Jun 1975 > Polar Grand Prix of Sweden Formula 3 at Anderstorp

15 Jun 1975 > Kinnekullering

13 Jul 1975 > Falkenburg

17 Aug 1975 > Kinnekullering

24 Aug 1975 > Wrangler Grand Prix at Jyllands-Ringen

31 Aug 1975 > Kvällspostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

Svenska Formel 3 Mästerskapet events shown in bold

1975 Svenska Formel 3 Mästerskapet table

1Conny LjungfeldtMarch 743 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor28 pts2 wins
2Conny AnderssonMarch 753 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor25 pts2 wins
3Ingvar CarlssonGRD 375 - Ford twin cam Neil Brown15 pts 
4Claes SigurdssonBrabham BT41 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor12 pts 
5Gunnar NilssonMarch 753 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor9 pts1 win
6Håkan AlrikssonGRD 373 - Ford ohc Holbay8 pts 
7Anders OlofssonGRD 373 - Ford twin cam Novamotor7 pts 
8=Ulf SvenssonBrabham BT41 - Ford twin cam Novamotor5 pts 
8=Lars-Åke OlssonMerlyn Mk22 - Ford twin cam Vegantune5 pts 
10Jan RidellGRD 372 - BMW M10 Billgren4 pts