Italian Formula 3

At the end of 2012, after 48 seasons, the Italian Formula 3 championship was replaced by CSAI's spec formula 'Formula Abarth'. The Italian title had started in 1964 when won by Giacomo Russo, better known as "Geki". It missed one season in 1967, following Geki's death, but then continued without interruption and became one of Europe's leading national championships. Champions during this period include Riccardo Patrese, Vittorio Brambilla, Elio de Angelis, Andrea de Adamich and Giancarlo Fisichella.

Italian F3 seasons covered so far

The 1972 season: (Monza), (Nürburgring), Monza, Imola, (Monte Carlo), (Hockenheim), Monza, (Monza), Varano, Imola, Misano, (Nürburgring), Misano, Varano, Monza, Vallelunga, (Monza), (Magny Cours), (Snetterton)

The 1973 season: Casale, (Varano), (Casale), (Varano), Misano, Casale, Imola, Vallelunga, Monte Carlo, Casale, Monza, Casale, Misano, Monza, (Varano), Vallelunga

The 1974 season: Casale, Monza, Vallelunga, Casale, Monte Carlo, Nürburgring, Monza, Casale, Magione, Monza, Mugello

The 1975 season: Casale, (Casale), Varano, Vallelunga, (Casale), Mugello, Magione, Monza, Monza, Casale, Imola

The 1976 season: Mugello, Varano, Magione, Enna-Pergusa, Casale, Monza, Casale, Imola, Monza, Vallelunga, Magione

Non-championship Italian races are in brackets.

All results and car histories compiled by Chris Townsend.

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