Italian Formula 3 1972

The Campionato Italiano included a number of rounds outside Italy in 1972, including one at a most un-Italian Snetterton. The first half of the season was dominated by Carlo Giorgio who won at Monza in April and Varano in June and also took three second places to lead the points race from Pino Pica and Alberto Colombo. All three drove Brabham BT35s. Meanwhile, Vittorio Brambilla had traded his Birel for a new Brabham BT38C but after just three races traded it to Alberto Colombo for his BT35. Brambilla then settled into the ex-Giuseppe Bianchi BT35 and won four of the next five races, establishing an unassailable championship lead.

The one-year-old Brabham BT35 was by far the most popular and successful car in Italy in 1972. Only three of the new monocoque BT38Cs were sold to Italy but a larger batch of newly constructed BT35s was also acquired. March failed to sell any new F3 cars into Italy in 1972 and the two old 713Ms that appeared were entirely uncompetitive. Chevron were in the same position. No new Lotuses appeared either but Claudio Francisci and Bruno Pescia both won races in their 1971 Lotus 69s. Fernando Spreafico had some success with a new GRD. Tecno didn't build any production cars in 1972 but did enter one of their old F2 in F3 specification for Luigi Fontanesi in the early races of the season. After that it was left to the sea of now outclassed 1969, 1970 and 1971 specification Tecnos. The only remaining locally built cars were Branca of Milan and the Brambilla brothers' Birel. After Salvati's success in the 1971 Branca, several were sold for 1972 but they achieved little. Gaudenzio Mantova wrecked the new 1972 model at Misano and although its replacement was quick, it didn't finish a race. The Birel, still essentially an updated Brabham BT21B copy, had been quick enough to win races in 1971 and Vittorio used it for the first few races before handing it over the brother Ernesto and then to teammate Roberto Manzoni.

The Brambillas would focus on F2 in future but the others would have to try their hands again at F3.

The races

12 Mar 1972 > Trofeo Emilio, Bruno e Fofi Vigorelli at Monza

02 Apr 1972 > ADAC-300-km-Rennen um den "Good Year-Pokal" at Nürburgring

16 Apr 1972 > Grand Premio Campagnolo at Monza

01 May 1972 > Coppa Benaglia at Imola

13 May 1972 > Monaco Grand Prix Formula 3 Race at Monte Carlo

14 May 1972 > DMV Mai-Pokal-Rennen at Hockenheim

27 May 1972 > Gara Formula Corsa at Monza

28 May 1972 > Coppa Agip at Monza

11 Jun 1972 > Trofeo Comune di Varano Melegari

23 Jul 1972 > Imola

06 Aug 1972 > Coppa Benaglia at Misano

13 Aug 1972 > ADAC Rhein-Mosel-Preis at Nürburgring

20 Aug 1972 > Trofeo Sacramora at Misano

27 Aug 1972 > Trofeo d'Estate at Varano

03 Sep 1972 > Coppa Agip at Monza

10 Sep 1972 > Coppa Agip at Vallelunga

24 Sep 1972 > Coppa Agip at Monza

01 Oct 1972 > Coupe d'Europe at Magny Cours

08 Oct 1972 > Snetterton

Campionato Italiano Formula 3 events shown in bold

1972 Campionato Italiano Formula 3 table

1Vittorio BrambillaBirel 71 - Alfa Romeo Wainer
Brabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
Brabham BT38C - Ford twin cam Novamotor
42 pts4 wins
2Carlo GiorgioBrabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
Brabham BT38C - Ford twin cam Novamotor
31 pts2 wins
3Alessandro Pesenti-RossiBrabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor30 pts1 win
4Pino PicaBrabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor29 pts1 win
5Luigi FontanesiTecno 71 - Ford twin cam
Brabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
18 pts 
6Ernesto "Tino" BrambillaBirel 71 - Alfa Romeo Wainer
Brabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
14 pts 
7Claudio FrancisciLotus 69 - Ford twin cam Novamotor13 pts 
8Adelmo BignamiBrabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor11 pts 
9Alberto ColomboBrabham BT35 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
Brabham BT38C - Ford twin cam Novamotor
9 pts 
10Lella LombardiLotus 69 - Ford twin cam Novamotor7 pts 

Points table provided by Pascal Katabian of the International Race Results and Data Association. The championship ran over 10 rounds and used a 9-6-4-3-2-1 points system with points only awarded to Italian licence holders and the best five results counting.