Arie Luyendijk in his Ralt RT1 at Donington Park in August 1978.  Copyright Alan Cox 2012.  Used with permission.

European Formula 3

Formula 3 had always been an important part of the European calendar but it was not until 1975 that the FIA succeeded in organising a season-long European championship. The first season was announced too late to have any impact on any driver's plans or budget but it gained a greater profile during Riccardo Patrese's heavily publicised and dramatic title win in 1976. Thereafter the European Championship occupied a status not dissimilar to the British championship in the late 1970s, with both series providing champions that were capable of stepping straight into Formula 1.

The European series faded slightly in the early 1980s and was dropped in favour of a single-race European Cup in 1985. In may not be a coincidence that this was the first year of Formula 3000, a high profile successor to European Formula 2 that did not need the competition.

European F3 seasons covered so far

The 1975 season: Monte Carlo, Nürburgring, Anderstorp, Monza, Croix-en-Ternois, Djurslandring

The 1976 season: Nürburgring, Zandvoort, Mantorp Park, Avus, Enna-Pergusa, Monza, Croix-en-Ternois, Kassel-Calden, Knutstorp, Vallelunga

The 1977 season: Paul Ricard, Nürburgring, Zandvoort, Zolder, Österreichring, Imola, Enna-Pergusa, Monza, Croix-en-Ternois, Knutstorp, Kassel-Calden, Donington Park, Jarama, Vallelunga

The 1978 season: Zandvoort, Nürburgring, Österreichring, Zolder, (Monte Carlo), Imola, Nürburgring, Dijon-Prenois, Monza, Enna-Pergusa, Magny Cours, Knutstorp, Karlskoga, Donington Park, Kassel-Calden, Jarama, Vallelunga

The 1979 season: Vallelunga, Nürburgring, Österreichring, Zolder, Magny Cours, Donington Park, (Monte Carlo), Zandvoort, Enna-Pergusa, Monza, Knutstorp, (Österreichring), Kinnekullering, Jarama, Kassel-Calden

The 1980 season: Nürburgring, Österreichring, Zolder, Magny Cours, (Monte Carlo), Zandvoort, La Châtre, Mugello, Monza, Misano, Knutstorp, (Österreichring), Silverstone, Jarama, Kassel-Calden, Zolder

The 1981 season: Vallelunga, Nürburgring, Donington Park, Österreichring, Zolder, Magny Cours, La Châtre, Zandvoort, Silverstone, Croix-en-Ternois, Misano, Knutstorp, Jarama, Imola, Mugello

All results compiled by Chris Townsend.

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