European Formula 3 1981

Mauro Baldi moved from the ORECA Martini team to the Euroracing March and dominated the 1981 European season, winning eight of the 15 races. His March 813 was only a development of the preceding March 803B, but the combination of March, Alfa Romeo engine and Michelin rubber proved superior. The new Martini MK34, an updated MK31, lacked the downforce of the ground-effect 813, but proved a match for it on tighter tracks such as Monaco. The Ralt RT3/81, although clearly the superior car on the British series' control ruber, made little impact in the European series.

March sold only 12 813s, well down on the sales of the 803s, so withdrew from F3 after the 1981 season. Martini's success had come from a rather old non-ground-effect design, but Tico Martini was working on an all-new ground-effect MK37 for 1982. Rather than buy Ralts, the Euroracing team decided to rebuild their 813s and race them again in 1982.

The races

15 Mar 1981 > Gran Premio Campidoglio at Vallelunga

29 Mar 1981 > Goodyear-ADAC-300-km-Rennen at Nürburgring

05 Apr 1981 > Donington Park

19 Apr 1981 > Preis des Aichfeldes at Österreichring

26 Apr 1981 > GP F3 Zolder

03 May 1981 > Trophée Jean Bernigaud at Magny Cours

24 May 1981 > Grand Prix de La Châtre

08 Jun 1981 > Pinksterraces Zandvoort

21 Jun 1981 > Silverstone

28 Jun 1981 > Trophée d'Arras at Croix-en-Ternois

19 Jul 1981 > Trofeo Emiliani at Misano

09 Aug 1981 > Kvällspostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

06 Sep 1981 > Trofeo Villa de Madrid at Jarama

20 Sep 1981 > Trofeo Autosprint at Imola

04 Oct 1981 > EuroMugello Formula 3

1981 European Formula 3 Championship table

1Mauro BaldiMarch 813 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor94 pts8 wins
2Alain FertéMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor63 pts1 win
3Philippe AlliotMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor41 pts2 wins
4Philippe StreiffMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor36 pts 
5Oscar LarrauriMarch 813 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor32 pts1 win
6Emanuele PirroMartini MK34 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor19 pts1 win
7Jean-Louis SchlesserMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor18 pts 
8Kurt ThiimMarch 813 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor14 pts 
9Mike WhiteMarch 813 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor10 pts1 win
10Roberto MorenoRalt RT3/81 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor9 pts1 win
11Enzo ColoniRalt RT3/81 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
March 813 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor
8 pts 
12Guido CappellottoRalt RT3/81 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor5 pts 
13=Jonathan PalmerRalt RT3/80 - Toyota 2T-G Mader4 pts 
13=Didier TheysMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor4 pts 
15=Toshio SuzukiMarch 813 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor3 pts 
15=Frank JelinskiRalt RT3/81 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor3 pts 
15=Raul BoeselRalt RT3/81 - Toyota 2T-G Mader3 pts 
18=Franz KonradMarch 803B - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor2 pts 
18=Shuroku SasakiRalt RT3/81 - Toyota 2T-G Toda2 pts 
20=Harald BrutschinRalt RT3/80 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor1 pt 
20=Fabio ManciniMarch 813 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor1 pt 
20=Jean-Michel NeyrialMartini MK31 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor1 pt 
20=Patrick TeilletMartini MK34 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor1 pt 
20=Pascal FabreMartini MK34 - Alfa Romeo Novamotor1 pt 

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This series ran over 15 rounds and used a 9-6-4-3-2-1 points system. Points tables from Autocourse 1981/82 p247.