Vern Schuppan in the Palliser at Oulton Park.  Copyright Alan Cox 2006.  Used with permission.

British Formula Atlantic 1971

Although there was no lack of cars or engines, Formula Atlantic started slowly due to uncertainty over whether the new formula could succeed between F2 and F3. Formula Ford and F3 cars supplemented the grid at the first race and most of the cars this season were converted F2, F3 or even Formula Ford cars.

Yellow Pages sponsored the inaugural season and the championship became a battle between Vern Schuppan in the works Palliser and Cyd Williams in Graham Eden's Chevron B18C. Schuppan put together a string of first and second places and almost had the title in his pocket by September. Williams then won three on the trot but was too late the catch the Australian. Clive Santo and John Gillmeister also ran Pallisers but achieved little; with sales dwindling despite Schuppan's title victory, Palliser Racing Design folded early in 1972.

Brabhams were predictably the most numerous on the Atlantic grids and would have won any constructors title from Palliser, Chevron, March, Lotus and Royale by sheer weight of numbers.

The races

07 Mar 1971 > Brands Hatch

21 Mar 1971 > Oulton Park

28 Mar 1971 > Mallory Park

12 Apr 1971 > ARCO Trophy at Castle Combe

02 May 1971 > Brands Hatch

30 May 1971 > Brands Hatch

31 May 1971 > Snetterton

20 Jun 1971 > Brands Hatch

27 Jun 1971 > Snetterton

03 Jul 1971 > Oulton Park

04 Jul 1971 > Brands Hatch

24 Jul 1971 > Castle Combe

01 Aug 1971 > Snetterton

15 Aug 1971 > Mallory Park

28 Aug 1971 > Oulton Park

30 Aug 1971 > Castle Combe

12 Sep 1971 > Brands Hatch

18 Sep 1971 > Oulton Park

03 Oct 1971 > Silverstone

09 Oct 1971 > Castle Combe

10 Oct 1971 > Snetterton

24 Oct 1971 > Mallory Park

31 Oct 1971 > Brands Hatch

27 Dec 1971 > Yellow Pages Trophy Race at Brands Hatch

Yellow Pages Formula Atlantic Championship events shown in bold

1971 Yellow Pages Formula Atlantic Championship table

1Vern SchuppanPalliser WDB3 - Ford twin cam BRM
Palliser WDB4 - Ford twin cam BRM
100 pts5 wins
2Cyd WilliamsRoyale RP8 - Ford BDA Steel
Chevron B18C - Ford BDA Hart
95 pts8 wins
3Tom BelsøBrabham BT28 - Ford twin cam
Brabham BT28/BT35 - Ford BDA Steel
47 pts3 wins
4Ray AllenRoyale RP8 - Ford BDA Steel
Royale RP8 - Ford twin cam BRM
Royale RP8 - Ford BDA Broadspeed
42 pts3 wins
5Norman CuthbertBrabham BT29 - Ford BDA Smith
Brabham BT29 - Ford BDA Hart
36 pts 
6David MorganMarch 702 - Ford twin cam Vegantune
March 713S - Ford twin cam Vegantune
Brabham BT35 - Ford BDA Wood
34 pts1 win
7Peter WardleLotus 69 - Ford BDA Rowland
Lotus 69 - Ford BDA Eden
30 pts1 win
8Chris OatesLotus 69 - Ford BDA Smith24 pts 
9John NicholsonMarch 702 - Ford twin cam Vegantune
March 702 - Ford BDA Piper
21 pts 
10Ed ReevesBrabham BT35 - Ford BDA Wood16 pts 
11John GillmeisterBrabham BT28 - Ford twin cam
Palliser WDB4 - Ford twin cam
Palliser WDB4 - Ford BDA Richardson
14 pts 
12Bob ElliceChevron B10/B17 - Ford twin cam Hart13 pts 
13Clive SantoPalliser WDF3/B4 - Ford twin cam Hart
Palliser WDF3/B4 - Ford BDA Hart
12 pts 
14Bill GubelmannMarch 71BM - Ford twin cam Hart11 pts1 win

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The two non-championship races are also included above, won by Nick Craw (Brabham BT35) and John Nicholson (March 702).

Points table top five is from the John Player Motorsport Yearbook 1972, p291, with the remaining places constructed from race results.