Guy Edwards in the RAM Racing March 75A/761 at Mallory Park in March 1977.  Copyright Alan Cox 2006.  Used with permission.

ShellSport Group 8 1977

The first season of Group 8 racing had shown that a well-prepared and reasonably up-to-date F1 car was the ideal option, and Tony Trimmer proved that when he secured a brand new Surtees TS19 for 1977, prepared by Melchester Racing, and breezed to the title. Guy Edwards bought the March 75A V6 that Hexagon had run in 1976 and took it back to RAM Racing. It was good, but not quite good enough, with its Ford V6 engine, so RAM converted it to a F1 Cosworth DFV engine, after which Edwards won two of the last three races.

Also proving effective in F1 cars were Emilio de Villota, who replaced his Lyncar 006 with a pair of F1 McLarens, Divina Galica, who also acquired a Surtees TS19 and came close to winning at Donington as well as leading at Brands, and Derek Bell who won one race in the Penske PC3, but was disqualified at Mallory Park and penalised 48 points. The most competitive of the 5000cc cars was Bruce Allison's Chevron B37, which finished second three times, and Val Musetti also went well in his V6-engined March 752. Best of the F2 cars was Tony Rouff, who won at Thruxton in Graham Eden's Ralt RT1/77.

The races

13 Mar 1977 > Mallory Park

27 Mar 1977 > Snetterton

08 Apr 1977 > Oulton Park

11 Apr 1977 > Brands Hatch

22 May 1977 > Mallory Park

06 Jun 1977 > Thruxton

26 Jun 1977 > Brands Hatch

09 Jul 1977 > Oulton Park

24 Jul 1977 > Mallory Park

31 Jul 1977 > Donington Park

29 Aug 1977 > Brands Hatch

11 Sep 1977 > Thruxton

02 Oct 1977 > Snetterton

16 Oct 1977 > Brands Hatch

1977 ShellSPORT International Championship table

1Tony Trimmer(F1) Surtees TS19 - Cosworth DFV181 pts5 wins
2Guy Edwards3.4-litre March 75A/761 - Ford GAA V6
(F1) March 75A/761 - Cosworth DFV
129 pts3 wins
3Val Musetti3.4-litre March 752 - Ford GAA V685 pts1 win
4Tony Rouff(F2) Sana RD9 - Ford BDG Eden
(F2) Ralt RT1/77 - Ford BDG Eden
80 pts1 win
5Emilio de Villota(F1) Lyncar 006 - Cosworth DFV
(F1) McLaren M23 - Cosworth DFV
(F1) McLaren M25 - Cosworth DFV
76 pts3 wins
6Divina Galica(F1) Surtees TS19 - Cosworth DFV
(F2) March 742/752 - Swindon BDX
74 pts 
7Bruce Allison(F5000) Chevron B37 - Chevrolet72 pts 
8Keith Holland(F5000) Lola T332C - Chevrolet
(F5000) McRae GM1 - Chevrolet
63 pts 
9Norman Dickson(F2) March 772 - BMW M12/752 pts 
10Tom Belsø(F5000) Lola T330 - Chevrolet45 pts 
11Alo Lawler(F2) Lola T462 - Swindon BDX41 pts 
12Robin Smith(F5000) Lola T330 - Chevrolet21 pts 
13Damien Magee(F5000) Lola T332C - Chevrolet18 pts 
14HervĂ© Leguellec(F2) March 762 - Ford BDX17 pts 
15=Kim Mather(F2) Chevron B35D - Ford BDA12 pts 
15=Brian Henton(F1) Penske PC3 - Cosworth DFV12 pts 
17=Don Gray(F5000) Chevron B24/B28 - Chevrolet11 pts 
17=Hugh "Wink" Bancroft(F2) Chevron B40 - Hart 420R11 pts 
19=Iain McLaren(F2) Chevron B35 - Swindon BDX10 pts 
19=Dennis Leech(F5000) Chevron B28 - Chevrolet10 pts 
21Adrian Russell(F2) Lola T450/T460 - Swindon BDX
(F2) March 762 - Swindon BDX
9 pts 
22=Brian McGuire(F1) McGuire BM1 - Cosworth DFV8 pts 
22=Allan Kayes(F5000) Lola T330 - Chevrolet
(F5000) Lola T400 - Chevrolet
8 pts 
22=Derek Cook(F2) Chevron B27 - Ford BDG Smith
(F1) Hesketh 308C - Cosworth DFV
8 pts 
22=Ray Mallock(F2) Chevron B40 - Hart 420R8 pts 
26Andy Barton(F2) Chevron B35 - Ford BDA7 pts 
27Danny Sullivan(F2) Boxer PR276 - Hart 420R6 pts 
28=Jim Kelly(F5000) Trojan T101 - Chevrolet4 pts 
28=Mike Wilds3.4-litre Chevron B30 - Ford GAA V64 pts 
30=Kevin Bowditch(F/Atl) Lyncar 007 - Ford BDA Nicholson3 pts 
30=Gregg Young(F2) Chevron B40 - Hart 420R3 pts 
32=David Prophet(F1) Surtees TS16-4 - Cosworth DFV2 pts 
32=John Bowtell(F/Atl) March 712M/74B - Ford BDA2 pts 
34Derek Bell(F1) Penske PC3 - Cosworth DFV-6 pts1 win

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Points table from Autosport 15 Dec 1977 p25.