US Formula B 1969

Formula B took another big step forward in 1969 with rivalry between Brabham and Chevron intensifying and with the addition of competive cars from Lotus, Tecno and Titan. However, the new cars arrived late in the season, leaving Mike Eyerly to dominate the first half of the season in his 1966 Brabham BT18 with five wins. The second half of the season was a completely different picture with Fred Stevenson winning two races in his Lotus 59B and Skip Barber netting another two in his Tecno, leaving one each for Fred Opert's twin dealerships: Bill Gubelmann at Lime Rock in the Brabham BT29 and Reine Wisell at Sebring in the Chevron B15B.

A manufacturers championship would have seen Brabham well in the lead from Lotus, Chevron, Titan and Tecno. The only other points scorers would have been LeGrand with a handful of points and Cooper with just one. A championship over just the latter half of the season would have been narrowly won by Lotus from Brabham with Chevron and Tecno battling for third and Earl Jones putting Titan fifth.

The races

20 Apr 1969 > Riverside

04 May 1969 > Laguna Seca

08 Jun 1969 > Continental Divide

21 Jun 1969 > Sears Point

06 Jul 1969 > Seattle

20 Jul 1969 > Road America

02 Aug 1969 > Lime Rock

10 Aug 1969 > Brainerd

23 Aug 1969 > Mosport Park

01 Sep 1969 > Lime Rock

07 Sep 1969 > Mont-Tremblant

21 Sep 1969 > Thompson Speedway

28 Dec 1969 > Sebring International Raceway

1969 SCCA Continental Championship for Formula B/C table

1Mike EyerlyBrabham BT18 - Ford twin cam69 pts6 wins
2WP Fred StevensonLotus 59B - Ford twin cam34 pts2 wins
3Skip BarberTecno '69 FB - Ford twin cam22 pts2 wins
4Jon MilledgeBrabham BT21 - Ford twin cam21 pts1 win
5Jacques CoutureLotus 59 "B" - Ford twin cam17 pts 
6=Steve BrownsteinChevron B15B - Ford twin cam14 pts 
6=Bill GubelmannBrabham BT23F - Ford twin cam
Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
14 pts1 win
8Earl JonesTitan - Ford twin cam13 pts 
9=Ed LeslieTitan - Ford twin cam10 pts 
9=Robs LamploughLotus 41C - Ford twin cam10 pts 

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F1 driver Reine Wisell won the other race when he made a guest appearance for the Fred Opert team to demonstrate the new Chevron B15B.