Gus Hutchison's team of Lotus 41s on their way to another victory. Copyright Gus Hutchison 2009.  Used with permission.

US Formula B 1967

1967 was Gus Hutchison's year, his team of yellow Lotus 41s sweeping the board in Southwest Division but also winning the new Continental Championship. Gus himself won four of the five Pro races, at Continental Divide, Bridgehampton, War Bonnet, to win the overall title.

The fifth race, at Mont-Tremblant was won by the Brabham BT21A of Fred Ashplant and it was two other BT21A pilots, Lou Sell and Mike Hiss, who provided Hutchison's most consistent competition. Peter Gethin was brought in as a ringer by Brabham importer Fred Opert and took pole at Mont-Tremblant but did not finish.

The only Formula A car to get close to the FBs was Al Pease's Eagle-Climax which qualified second to Gethin at Mont-Tremblant.

The races

14 May 1967 > Colorado Grand Prix at Continental Divide

20 May 1967 > Bridgehampton Continental Race

25 Jun 1967 > War Bonnet Continental Race

17 Sep 1967 > St Jovite Grand Prix at Mont-Tremblant

01 Oct 1967 > Lake Tahoe Continental Race

1967 SCCA Continental Championship for Formula B cars table

1Gus Hutchison(Formula B) Lotus 41C - BRM-Ford twin-cam36 pts4 wins
2=Karl Knapp(Formula B) LeGrand Mk 6 - Ford twin-cam12 pts 
2=Mike Hiss(Formula B) Brabham BT21A - Ford twin-cam12 pts 
2=Lou Sell(Formula B) Brabham BT21A - Ford twin-cam12 pts 
5Bob McQueen(Formula B) LeGrand Mk 3B - Ford twin-cam10 pts 
6Fred Ashplant(Formula B) Brabham BT21A - Ford twin-cam9 pts1 win
7Mike Cronin(Formula B) Lotus 22 - Ford twin-cam7 pts 
8Harold Krech(Formula B) Lotus 41C - BRM-Ford twin-cam6 pts 
9Roger Barr(Formula B) CrosslĂ© 12F - Ford twin-cam4 pts 
10=Bill Gubelmann(Formula B) Brabham BT18 - Ford twin-cam3 pts 
10=Peter W. Broeker(Formula B) Stebro Mk 4 - Ford twin-cam3 pts 
10=Steve Griswold(Formula B) LeGrand Mk 3B - Alfa Romeo GTA3 pts 
13=Chuck Dietrich(Formula B) McLaren M4A - Ford twin-cam2 pts 
13=Barry Blackmore(Formula B) Lotus 22 - Ford twin-cam2 pts 
15=Oliver Grant(Formula B) Brabham BT18 - Ford twin-cam1 pt 
15=Harry Hester(Formula B) LeGrand Mk 3B - Ford twin-cam1 pt 
15=Harry McIntosh(Formula A) Brabham BT7 - Climax FWMV V81 pt 
15=Roy Grange(Formula B) LeGrand Mk 3B - Ford twin-cam1 pt