Peter Darr in his Lotus 20 at Pacific Raceways in 1967. Copyright Ron Standley 2012.  Used with permission.

Northern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1967

Formula B cars were still thin on the ground in Northern Pacific in 1967 with most cars again coming from San Francisco Region. Steve Griswold had built up a new LeGrand Mk3B from a kit in partnership with John Wilkins and fitted it with a self-built dry sump Alfa Romeo GTA engine. This was easily the most competitive FB kit in the Division and Griswold won two races on his way to the Northern Pacific title and finished a fine fourth in the Pro race at Lake Tahoe.

Tony Boothby and Mike Brodie took the next positions in the Division in antique Lotus 18s and behind them came Larry Albedi's Bourgeault, the creation of local constructor Nadeau Bourgeault. Nade only built four or possibly five for Formula B or C: the Formula C car that was raced by Nick Reynolds; two original FBs for Albedi and John Kuenzli; and a later FB for Al Brizard. Ed Marshall had a Bourgeault in 1969 and Chuck Billington had one in 1970, suggesting a fifth may have been built. Nade died on Christmas Eve 1971, age just 45.

Final standings

1. Stephen Griswold LeGrand (MK 3B) Alfa S.F. 18 pts
2. Tony Boothby Lotus 18 Oregon 9 pts
3. Mike Brodie Lotus 18 S.F. 9 pts
4. Larry Albedi Bourgeault S.F. 6 pts
5. Peter Darr Lotus 20 Oregon 6 pts
6. Jerry Lewis Bourgeault S.F. 6 pts
7. Jim Kless Alexis S.F. 4 pts
8. Bob Parker Lotus 21 Oregon 4 pts
9. Robin Jackson Lotus 22 S.F. 3 pts
10. Bob Bennett BMC Mk III S.F. 2 pts

1967 Schedule

29 Apr 1967NewportOregon Region
20 May 1967Sanderson FieldNorthwest Region
03 Jun 1967Cotati RacewaySan Francisco Region
12 Aug 1967Cotati RacewaySan Francisco Region
26 Aug 1967SeattleNorthwest Region
16 Sep 1967NewportOregon Region

Regional Championship

San Francisco Region also ran a regional championship which included races at Cotati (April and July), Laguna Seca (May and October), and at the airfield at Crows Landing (September).

Final standings

1. Ed Marshall Alexis   18 pts
2. John Kuenzli Bourgeault   13 pts
3. Mike Brodie Lotus 18   12 pts
4. Dan Davis Lotus   9 pts
5. Larry Albedi Bourgeault   8 pts
6. Steve Griswold Alfa LeGrand   6 pts
7. Robin Jackson Lotus 22   6 pts
8. Jim Kless Lotus Gris   6 pts
9. John Woodner Cooper/Alfa      6 pts
10. Wes McNay LeGrand Mk 3B   4 pts
11. David Webster Brabham   3 pts

Northern Pacific Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NorPac racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine, from Competition Press & Autoweek and from an extensive collection of San Francisco Region's The Wheel newsletter from 1971 onwards. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of all three of the main SCCA regional publications in this division:

  • The Wheel (San Francisco Region)
  • Northwest Sports Car News (Northwest Region)
  • Loud Pedal (Oregon Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals, notably the Laguna Seca Sprints and the Rose Cup Races.