Northern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1972

Mike Hansen was champion for the third time in his Brabham BT35. Also in BT35s were Frank Fitch in the Pacifico car and Gordon Strom. Mike Fisher's Brabham is unknown so far but was good enough for Fisher to win the FB class at the Seattle National in July. Archie Snider had the little-used ex-James Gutfreund Brabham BT29 that he shared with Jon Milledge. Also in the popular BT29 were Dewey Harless, Larry Walters and Ron Householder.

The main opponents to the Brabham fleet were local dealer Pierre Philips who scored nine points for his win at the Portland Rose Cup in June in a March and Gary Gove who had the ex-William Monson Lotus 69, reconstructed after Monson attacked the bridge at Laguna Seca in 1971.

Final standings

1. Mike Hansen Brabham [BT35] S.F. 28 pts
2. Frank Fitch Brabham [BT35] Ore 18 pts
3. Mike Fisher Brabham Ore 15 pts
4. Gary Gove Lotus [69] NW 13 pts
5. Archie Snider Brabham [BT29] S.F. 12 pts
6. Pierre Philips March Ore 9 pts
7. Dewey Harless Brabham [BT29] Ore 7 pts
8. Gordon Strom Brabham [BT35] S.F. 6 pts
9. Jon Milledge Brabham [BT29] S.F. 6 pts
10. Larry Walters Brabham [BT29] NW 4 pts
11. Bob Wenz Cooper [T76?] S.F. 3 pts
12. Steve Jizmagian Brabham [BT14] S.F. 2 pts
13. Steve Lilves Zoom S.F. 2 pts
14. Ron Householder Brabham [BT29] Ore 2 pts
15. Bill ['Bud'] Rude Lola Ore 2 pts
16. Byron Snow Lotus [32?] S.F. 1 pt
17. Robert Hall Lotus [41D] S.F. 1 pt
18. Robert Rickard Lotus S.F. 1 pt

NB In 1972, SCCA tables did not show where points were earned out of home divisions.

Six Nationals are known for 1972: Northwest Region at Kent (Seattle) on 9 May and on 25 Jul; Oregon Region at Portland for the Rose Cup Races on 13 Jun and the Oregon GP on 12 Sep; and San Francisco Region at Laguna Seca for the Olympia Sprints on 20 Jun and at the last Vaca Valley National on 29 Aug. A seventh National was scheduled for Laguna Seca on 10 Oct but it is not known whether it took place.

Northern Pacific Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NorPac racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of the three main SCCA regional publications:

  • The Wheel (San Francisco Region)
  • Northwest Sports Car News (Northwest Region)
  • Loud Pedal (Oregon Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals, notably the Laguna Seca Sprints and the Rose Cup Races.