North East Division SCCA Formula B 1972

Ken Duclos regained the NEDIv title that he had last won in 1970, again at the wheel of his three-year-old Brabham. His keenest rivals included Michael Rand in the March 71BM that he had bought new late in 1971 and Tom Outcault and Paul Keeler in brand new March 722s. The success of the 722, distributed by Doug Shierson in Adrian, Michigan, meant that March was rapidly taking the place of Brabham, distributed by Fred Opert in New Jersey, as the leading maker of FB cars with six of the NEDiv points scorers in their cars. The only Brabhams to score points in NEDiv were a pair of three-year-old BT29s so Opert failed to sell a single Brabham or Chevron into the division in 1972. Lola were also making little headway this far east, Lotus were no longer producing customer cars and the BarrCar is believed to be an old Crosslé.

New England Region continued to dominate the Division with six of the top seven drivers. A Regional championship was flourishing about this time but no information about it has yet been found.

Final standings

1. Ken Duclos Brabham [BT29] NE 41 pts
2. Michael Rand March [71BM] NE 34 pts
3. Tom Outcault March [722] No NJ 28 pts
4. Bob Hebert Lotus [69] NE 24 pts
5. Paul Keeler March [722] NE 23 pts
6. Frank Del Vecchio March [71BM] NE 14 pts
7. Richard Boncek BarrCarr NE 7 pts
8. Chris Gleason Lola S.C. 6 pts
9. Bruce Jensen Chevron [B17B] F.L. 6 pts
10. Vincent Dileo Lola [T240] NE 5 pts
11. Dan Adley Lotus NE 4 pts
12. Charles Hansen Brabham [BT29] No NJ 3 pts
13. Ted Thomas March [722] S.C. 3 pts
14. Ted Coconis Lotus [69] NE 2 pts
15. Warren Ogden March [712M] NE 2 pts

* Indicates total includes points earned out of home divisions.

1S.C. is Steel Cities Region.
2F.L. is Finger Lakes Region.

Northeast Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NEDiv racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. These include:

  • Pit Talk (New England Region)
  • The Drift (Steel Cities Region)
  • Knock Off (Mohawk-Hudson Region)
  • Regional Review (New York Region)
  • Spark Plug (Glen Region)
  • The Spokesmen (Philadelphia Region)
  • The Straightpipe (Washington DC Region)
  • Top End Magazine (Finger Lakes Region)

Additionally, Racing Magazine was published as a Lime Rock track magazine.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.