North East Division SCCA Formula B 1976

NEDiv was fantastically competitive in 1976, with five of the top six drivers having 1976 cars. Duclos won yet again, finally replacing his Brabham BT40 with a brand new Chevron B34, followed by Bobby Brown in second place after giving up on his new Chevron B34 and buying a new March 76B instead. Tim Coconis also had a new Lola T460, but focused on the Pro series.

Further back were a smattering of older cars, including 1974 and 1975 Chevrons, several March 73Bs, and even a March 722. The last of the Brabhams had disappeared from the points table, but there were still some circulating in Regionals.

Final standings

1. Ken DuclosChevron [B34]New England54 pts 
2. Bob BrownChevron [B34 & March 76B]New York39 pts 
3. John MortensenMarch [76B]New York34 pts 
4. Eric KermanMarch [73B/75B]New York33 pts 
5. Rick BellChevron [B34]New England32 pts 
6. Robert J. NelkinChevron [B29 & B34]New York26 pts 
7. Joe SposatoChevron [B29]New York21 pts 
8. Ronald SwartzRoyale [RP20]New York13 pts 
9. Tim CoconisLola [T460]New York10 pts 
10. Robert SilvestroLotus [69]New York10 pts 
11. Folis Jones"Brabham" [March 722]Glen8 pts 
12. Joe OstrowskiMarch [73B]New England6 pts 
13. Diana BlackMarch [73B & Chevron B34]NNJ5 pts 
14. Lyle HeckChevron [B29]Blue Mntn4 pts 
15. Paul CorazzoChevron [B27]New England3 pts 
16. Ken Valan"Chevron" [Brabham BT29]Philadelphia3 pts 
17. Frank Del VecchioMarch [73B]New England3 pts 
18. Peter DodgeMarch [74B]New England3 pts 
19. Bruce JensenChevron [B29]Finger Lakes2 pts 

Northeast Division SCCA Nationals in 1976

24 Apr 1976Lime RockNew York Region
16 May 1976BridgehamptonNorthern New Jersey Region
30 May 1976Bryar Motorsport ParkNew England Region
06 Jun 1976Pocono (road course)Tri-Region (NE Penn, Philadelphia & South Jersey)
13 Jun 1976Nelson LedgesSteel Cities Region
27 Jun 1976Summit PointWashington DC Region
05 Jul 1976Lime RockNorthern New Jersey Region
25 Jul 1976Nelson LedgesMahoning Valley Region
15 Aug 1976Watkins GlenGlen Region
22 Aug 1976Summit PointCentral Penn & Washington DC Regions
06 Sep 1976Lime RockNew England Region
19 Sep 1976BridgehamptonNew York Region

Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series

Joining the North Atlantic Road Racing Championship in Northeast Division for 1976 was the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series, led by Washington Region and incorprating Regional events at Summit Point and Pocono.

Northeast Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NEDiv racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. These include:

  • Pit Talk (New England Region) - full archive available at pittalk.org
  • The Drift (Steel Cities Region)
  • Knock Off (Mohawk Hudson Region) - full archive available at mohud-scca.org
  • Regional Review (New York Region)
  • Spark Plug (Glen Region)
  • The Bulletin (North Carolina Region - full archive available at ncrscca.com.
  • The Spokesmen (Philadelphia Region)
  • The Straightpipe (Washington DC Region)
  • Top End Magazine (Finger Lakes Region)

Three regionals have scanned all copies of their newsletters and made them available online: New England Region's 'Pit Talk', Mohawk Hudson Region's 'Knock Off', and North Carolina Region's 'The Bulletin'.

Additionally, Racing Magazine was published as a Lime Rock track magazine.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.