North East Division SCCA Formula B 1974

Only two drivers were making a systematic effort to win the NEDiv title, Ken Duclos who had retained his Brabham BT40, and Mike Rand who had an ex-F2 Rondel M1. Rand wrecked the Rondel during the season, leaving Duclos to retain his title. Eric Kerman finished third in a Brabham BT38B, but was well adrift.

Bobby Brown and Tom Outcault had new 1974 Marches, but focused on the Pro series, as did Canadian Bruce Jensen who became a member of Finger Lakes Region to score a few points. The mystery cars include John Stowe's Lotus and whatever it was that Peter Symonds was driving.

Final standings

1. Ken Duclos Brabham [BT40] NE 51 pts
2. Michael Rand Rondel M1 NE 46 pts
3. Eric Kerman Brabham [BT38B] NY 27 pts
4. Joe Freeman Brabham [BT35] NE 14 pts
5. Bobby Brown March 74B NY 9 pts
6. R. Pete Gates Brabham [BT29] DC 6 pts
7. Charles Hansen March [722] NNJ 6 pts
8. Bill Prout March 705 NE 6 pts
9. Roger Barr Crossle [14F] NE 6 pts
10. Tom Outcault March [74B] NNJ 6 pts
11. Lyle Heck Brabham [BT29] B.M.1 6 pts
12. Diana Black Brabham [BT29?] NNJ 4 pts
13. B. [Bruce] Jensen March [74B] F.L.2 4 pts
14. Peter Symonds Cheetah NE 4 pts
15. Frank DelVecchio "Mark" [March 73B] NE 3 pts
16. Gerry Lieberg March 722 NE 3 pts
17. Jack Cowell [Winkelmann WDB2] NNJ 2 pts
18. John Stowe Lotus NE 2 pts
19. Ted Thomas March [722] S.C.3 2 pts
20. James Modrall Brabham [BT29?] NE 1 pt
21. Warren Ogden March 73B NE 1 pt

1B.M. is Blue Mountain Region.
2F.L. is Finger Lakes Region.
3S.C. is Steel Cities Region.

Northeast Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NEDiv racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. These include:

  • Pit Talk (New England Region)
  • The Drift (Steel Cities Region)
  • Knock Off (Mohawk-Hudson Region)
  • Regional Review (New York Region)
  • Spark Plug (Glen Region)
  • The Spokesmen (Philadelphia Region)
  • The Straightpipe (Washington DC Region)
  • Top End Magazine (Finger Lakes Region)

Additionally, Racing Magazine was published as a Lime Rock track magazine.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.