Central Division SCCA Formula B 1974

Chuck Dietrich had won the 1973 CenDiv title in a new BT40, but with MRD pulling out of customer car production, he bought the best Brabham available, Bill O'Connor's ex-F2 ex-Rondel Brabham BT38. This enabled him to defeat 1972 champion Mike Hall, who had retained his BT40. Bruce Cambern was third in another ex-F2 car, a March 712M from Frank Williams' team.

Further down the table are quite a few mystery cars: Malcolm MacLeod's Chevron B18, Chuck Shannon's Chevron, Joe Hill's Lola T242, Thomas Cooney's March 722 and Tom Gloviak's Chevron - although the latter may have been his brother's Brabham BT35.

Final standings

1. Chuck Dietrich Rondel Brabham [BT38] NEOhio 54 pts
2. Michael Hall Brabham BT40 Chicago 49 pts
3. Bruce Cambern March 712 [712M] Detroit 37 pts
4. Dan Carmichael Brabham BT40 Ohio Valley 29 pts
5. Malcolm MacLeod Chevron B18 Western Ohio 19 pts
6. Ed Kasprowicz Lola T240 Detroit 19 pts
7. John A. Gloviak Brabham BT35 Chicago 12 pts
8. Thomas P. Sokoly Falconer March [722] Milwaukee 10 pts
9. Bobby Rahal Rondel Motul [M1] Chicago 9 pts
10. William Kautz March 722 Chicago 6 pts
11. George Herscher Lola [T240] SW Virginia 6 pts
12. Tom Mangan Crossle [28F] Golden Triangle 6 pts
13. Bill Hallandal Lotus [41C] NE Michigan 3 pts
14. Chuck Shannon Chevron Western Ohio 3 pts
15. E. Jay Erickson March [73B] Blackhawk Valley 3 pts
16. Joe Hill Lola [T242] Ohio Valley 2 pts
17. Dan Murphy Cicada Mk 1 Milwaukee 1 pt
18. Thomas Cooney "Lotus" [March 722] Indianapolis 1 pt
19. Tom Gloviak Chevron Chicago 1 pt

Central Division SCCA Nationals in 1974

12 May 1974Grattan RacewayNortheast Michigan & Saginaw Regions
02 Jun 1974Blackhawk FarmsMilwaukee Region
16 Jun 1974Road AmericaChicago Region
30 Jun 1974Indianapolis Raceway ParkIndiana NW Region
14 Jul 1974BrainerdLand O'Lakes Region
21 Jul 1974Grattan RacewayDetroit Region
04 Aug 1974Grattan RacewayWestern Michigan Region
18 Aug 1974Blackhawk FarmsBlackhawk Valley Region
01 Sep 1974Mid-OhioCincinnati Region
08 Sep 1974Nelson LedgesNEOhio Region
22 Sep 1974Indianapolis Raceway ParkIndianapolis Region

Central Division sources

Most of our knowledge of CenDiv racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire, borrow or receive copies of 1960s, 1970s and 1980s SCCA regional publications from this Division. There were many such newsletters in this Division, including:

  • Auto-Graph (Indiana Northwest Region)
  • Blower (Northeast Ohio Region)
  • Class Q and later CinChronizer (Cincinnati Region)
  • Clutch Chatter (Indianapolis Region)
  • Clutch Chatter (Northwestern Ohio Region)
  • Crashbox (Golden Triangle Region)
  • Down Shift (Central Illinois Region)
  • Downshift (Kentucky Region)
  • The Drift (Milwaukee Region)
  • Drifting (Des Moines Valley Region)
  • The Fifth Wheel (Northeastern Michigan Region)
  • The Four Wheel Drift (Fort Wayne Region)
  • Iowa Regional News (Iowa Region)
  • Newsletter (Central Kentucky Region)
  • Newsletter (Central Western Michigan)
  • Ohio Valley Regional News and Observers Stand (Ohio Valley Region)
  • Open Exhaust (Detroit Region)
  • Piston Patter (Chicago Region)
  • Pit Board (South Bend Region)
  • The Pit Stop (Southern Indiana Region)
  • The Racket (Tennessee Valley Region)
  • Recaps (Eastern Tennessee Region)
  • Rev Record (Western Ohio Region)
  • S.I.R. SCCA Newsletter (Southern Indiana Region)
  • Smoke Signals (Blackhawk Valley Region)
  • The Tonneau (Land O'Lakes Region)

Also relevant are some non-SCCA publications, notably that of the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC), based in the Chicago area:

  • Klaxon (Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.