North East Division SCCA Formula B 1973

Ken Duclos upgraded from his Brabham BT29 to the latest Brabham BT40, and retained his NEDiv Formula B title. His closest competitor was Sebby Barrone, who retained his March 722 and had a much better season in it. Duclos also won the Runoffs at the end of the season.

Despite a Brabham taking the title, NEDiv saw a continued increase in sales of Marchs, with five new March 73Bs added to the divisions stocks of 722s.

Final standings

1. Ken Duclos Brabham [BT40] NE 48 pts
2. Seb Barone March [722] NE 42 pts
3. Frank DelVecchio March [73B] NE 28 pts
4. Olney Mairs March [722] NY 23 pts
5. Charles Gibson March [71BM] NY 20 pts
6. Ron Cohn March [73B] NY 13 pts
7. Charles Hansen March [722] NNJ 13 pts
8. Tom Outcault March [73B] NNJ 10 pts
9. Joe Freeman Brabham [BT35] NE 9 pts
10. Bruce MacInnes March [73B] NY 9 pts
11. Bob Hebert Lotus [69] NE 2 pts
12. Lyle Heck Brabham [BT29] B.M.1 2 pts
13. Dr Ted Thomas March [722] S.C.2 2 pts
14. J. F. Grimaldi March [722] NNJ 1 pt
15. Bill Prout March [705] NE 1 pt
16. Michael Rand March [73B] NE 1 pt

1B.M. is Blue Mountain Region.
2S.C. is Steel Cities Region..

Northeast Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NEDiv racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine and from Competition Press & Autoweek. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. These include:

  • Pit Talk (New England Region)
  • The Drift (Steel Cities Region)
  • Knock Off (Mohawk-Hudson Region)
  • Regional Review (New York Region)
  • Spark Plug (Glen Region)
  • The Spokesmen (Philadelphia Region)
  • The Straightpipe (Washington DC Region)
  • Top End Magazine (Finger Lakes Region)

Additionally, Racing Magazine was published as a Lime Rock track magazine.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.