The Winkelmann of Ray Mummery and Chevron B15b of Dave Yoder await the race at Palm Beach International Raceway.  Copyright Michael Yoder 2014.  Used with permission.

South East Division SCCA Formula B 1972

Jim Grob had acquired a brand new Chevron B20 at the end of 1971 and won the SEDiv title for a second year. Grob was run close by the brand new cars of Chuck Sarich (March 722) and Tom Shelton (Brabham BT38B). Van Durrett and his Brabham, believed to be an ex-Chequered Flag BT18, had transferred from MidWest Division and took fourth place.

Two Chevron B15bs were now in the division, raced by fifth-placed Steve Mandy and sixth-placed Dave Yoder (ex-Kleinpeter). Former sports car driver Tom Fraser's Lola would almost certainly have been a brand new T240 or T242. Further back, Ray Mummery still had the ex-Hugh Dibley Palliser WDB3 and Jack Dartigalongue picked up a few points in his ex-Bill Bowman Brabham BT29.

Final standings

1. Jim GrobChevron [B20]Florida30 pts 
2. Chuck SarichMarch [722]North Carolina27 pts 
3. Tom SheltonBrabham [BT38B]Florida27 pts 
4. Van Durrett JrBrabham [BT18]Cent. Carolinas18 pts 
5. Steve MandyChevron [B15b]Florida14 pts 
6. Dave YoderChevron [B15b]Florida9 pts 
7. Harry IngleZinkCent. Carolinas9 pts 
8. Jim SarichMarch [722]North Carolina9 pts 
9. Tom FraserLola [T242?]Atlanta6 pts 
10. Dr Ray MummeryWinkelmann [WDB3]Florida3 pts 
11. Gary BelcherLotusFlorida3 pts 
12. Jack DartigalongueBrabham [BT29]Gator2 pts 

Southeast Division sources

What we know of Southeast Division racing in this period comes from Competition Press & Autoweek's reports on SCCA Nationals and the SCCA's own Sports Car magazine. We are keen to learn more and are therefore very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. The known ones are:

  • The Checker (Central Florida Region)
  • CARolina Newsletter (Central Carolina Region)
  • The Racket (Tennessee Valley Region)
  • Regional Notes (Florida Region)
  • Rich Mixture (Southern West Virginia Region)
  • Sowega Newsletter (Sowega Region - became Chavaga Region in 1968)
  • Sports Racing News (Alabama Region)
  • Steering Wheel (Atlanta Region)

North Carolina Region, which moved from NEDiv to SEDiv in the late 1960s, has made its newsletter available online at the NCR website.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.