Dr John Hood's Brabham BT6 at Montgomery (or possibly at Selma), Alabama in 1967.  Copyright David Seibert 2012.  Used with permission.

South East SCCA Formula B 1967

Formula B was spread pretty thinly in the south east, with at least 200 miles and as much as 600 miles separating the four competitors from each other. John Hood travelled the widest, taking in Pro events at Lake Tahoe in California and Mont-Tremblant in Canada, and also won the SEDiv title comfortably. In his home division, he was completely dominant, winning at Fernandina Beach, Savannah, Courtland, Osceola Field and Palm Beach. His Brabham has not yet been identified but as the picture above shows, it looked very much like a Brabham BT18.

Behind Hood were two US-built prototype FB cars. Bob McQueen had acquired a LeGrand Mk3B from California, reputedly the first car built, and Bob Mercer drove the prototype Formula B Beach, a T-11 chassis number 101. At the very end of the season Hugh Kleinpeter appeared in FB in another Beach T-11 and was leading the Palm Beach F/SCCA race comfortably when his engine blew.

Final standings

1. John HoodBrabham [BT18?]Cent. Florida49 pts 
2. Bob McQueenLeGrand [MK3B]Atlanta27 pts 
3. Bob MercerBeach [T-11]Charleston12 pts 
4. Bob WallaceBeachAlabama2 pts 

1967 Schedule

18 Mar 1967Palm Beach International RacewayFlorida Region
15 Apr 1967Fernandina BeachCentral Florida Region
06 May 1967Savannah International RacewaySavannah Region
28 May 1967CourtlandTennessee Valley Region
01 Jul 1967CourtlandAlabama Region
12 Aug 1967MontgomeryCentral Alabama Region
02 Sep 1967Osceola FieldCentral Florida Region
16 Sep 1967SelmaAlabama Region
14 Oct 1967Palm Beach International RacewayFlorida Region

Southeast Division sources

What we know of Southeast Division racing in this period comes from Competition Press & Autoweek's reports on SCCA Nationals and the SCCA's own Sports Car magazine. We are keen to learn more and are therefore very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. The known ones are:

  • The Checker (Central Florida Region)
  • CARolina Newsletter (Central Carolina Region)
  • The Racket (Tennessee Valley Region)
  • Regional Notes (Florida Region)
  • Rich Mixture (Southern West Virginia Region)
  • Sowega Newsletter (Sowega Region - became Chavaga Region in 1968)
  • Sports Racing News (Alabama Region)
  • Steering Wheel (Atlanta Region)

North Carolina Region, which moved from NEDiv to SEDiv in the late 1960s, has made its newsletter available online at the NCR website.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals in this Division.