Northern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1969

Combining the San Francisco Region and the road racing enthusiasm of Oregon and Washington, NorPac always saw good F/SCCA fields and 1969 was an epic battle for supremacy between NW Region's William Monson and San Francisco's Don Delamore, both in BT21-model Brabhams. Monson, in the ex-Nick Reynolds BT21C, pipped Delamore by a point for the divisional title and then led him home in a NorPac 1-2 at the Daytona Runoffs in November.

Behind these two were Ed Leslie, whose Titan had been expected to be a leading runner in the Pro series, and Mike Eyerly whose old Brabham BT18 had taken the Pro title. Mike Brodie is listed in the division as having a Lotus but used a Brabham BT21 in the Pro series.

Final standings

1. Dr Wm. Monson Brabham (BT21C) N.W. 37 pts *
2. Don Delamore Brabham (BT21B) S.F. 36 pts *
3. Ed Leslie Titan S.F. 15 pts
4. Jack Quinlin Cooper N.W. 10 pts
5. Mike Eyerly Brabham (BT18) Ore. 9 pts
6. Jim Gray Gray Sp N.W. 6 pts
7. Mike Brodie Lotus S.F. 3 pts
8. Mike Hansen LeGrand S.F. 3 pts
9. Larry Albedi Bourgeault S.F. 2 pts
10. Steve Griswold Brabham (BT16) S.F. 1 pt

* Indicates total includes points earned out of home divisions.

1969 Schedule

30 Mar 1969Sears PointSan Francisco Region
18 May 1969SeattleNorthwest Region
15 Jun 1969SeattleOregon Region
20 Jul 1969Sears PointSan Francisco Region
17 Aug 1969SeattleNorthwest Region
14 Sep 1969Portland International RacewaysOregon Region

Northern Pacific Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NorPac racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine, from Competition Press & Autoweek and from an extensive collection of San Francisco Region's The Wheel newsletter from 1971 onwards. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of all three of the main SCCA regional publications in this division:

  • The Wheel (San Francisco Region)
  • Northwest Sports Car News (Northwest Region)
  • Loud Pedal (Oregon Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals, notably the Laguna Seca Sprints and the Rose Cup Races.