Southern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1969

Charlie Adams emerged from a large field of 18 drivers to win the Southern Pacific Division title with just 18 pts.

The biggest news of the FB season was that Dick Barbour's Automotion operation in San Diego were running a team of four McLarens, including the ex-Henry Hester car of Dow 'Jack' Byers, an Alfa-powered car for Skeeter McKitterick and another for Ron Attig. Also Max Callicott drove a M4A in the division (he would race this in the Pro series in 1970) and Stan Huddlestone raced a McLaren in one of the two Californian rounds of the Pro series in early 1969. Callicott's car came from Chequered Flag and it's possible Barbour had acquired a job lot of their F2 and F3 McLarens.

Among the mystery cars was Joe Alves, later to achieve lasting fame through his work on the film Jaws. His Brabham may have been his 1968 car, identified at Continental Divide as a BT21.

Final standings

1. Charlie Adams Brabham (BT21C) CSCC 18 pts
2. Gerhard Klose LeGrand (Mk 6?) CSCC 17 pts
3. Don Byers McLaren (M4A) SD 17 pts
4. Max Callicott McLaren (M4A) CSCC 15 pts *
5. Joe Alves Brabham (BT21?) CSCC 9 pts
6. James Mederer Crosslé (14F [C14F/69/41]) CSCC 6 pts
7. Stefan Rzesnowiecky Winkelmann CSCC 6 pts
8. Skeeter McKitterick McLaren (M4A-Alfa) CSCC 6 pts
9. Jerry Weeks Lotus 22 CSCC 6 pts
10. Stan Schooley Winkelmann (WDB2 [2]) Ariz 6 pts
11. Frank Monise Jr Lotus CSCC 5 pts
12. Stan Huddlestone Brabham CSCC 4 pts
13. Ron Hogan Brabham Ariz 4 pts
14. Ron Attig Brabham SD 4 pts *
15. Steve Baughman Brabham Utah 4 pts
16. Greg Gosar Lotus 41C Ariz 4 pts
17. Robert Ilg Winkelmann Utah 1 pt
18. John Kube Merlyn CSCC 1 pt

* Indicates total includes points earned out of home divisions.

1969 Schedule

23 Feb 1969Stardust InternationalCal Club Region
23 Mar 1969Willow SpringsCal Club Region
13 Apr 1969Holtville AerodromeSan Diego Region
04 May 1969Phoenix International RacewayArizona Region
03 Aug 1969Willow SpringsCal Club Region
01 Sep 1969Bonneville Raceway Park Utah Region
28 Sep 1969RiversideCal Club Region
12 Oct 1969Tucson AirfieldArizona Border Region

Southern Pacific Division sources

Although Los Angeles was one of the homes of American motor racing, we have few sources of information for southern Californian FB racing in this period. Competition Press & Autoweek had some regional coverage up to 1973 and Formula magazine then took over for a period in the mid-1970s. However, we are keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. The key ones are:

  • California Sportscar [1960s] (California Sports Car Club)
  • Post Grid [1969-1970] (California Sports Car Club Region)
  • Finish Line [from 1971] (California Sports Car Club Region)
  • Gridlines (San Diego Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals for this division.