Keith Saunders goes for out-of-Division points in his Winkelmann at Laguna Seca.  Copyright David Hutson 2011.  Used with permission.

Southern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1971

The final points table for 1971 was not published in Sports Car at the end of the season so all that is known so far is that the following drivers qualified for the Runoffs:

1. Ron Dykes Brabham (BT29) CSCC 36 pts
2. Bill Middleton Lola T240 CSCC 27 pts
3. Thomas Kornell Brabham (BT29) CSCC 25 pts

Dykes had qualified won the title by winning a number of races in Dick Doherty's Brabham BT29 early in the season but he actually attended the Runoffs with the March 71BM that he had used in the Pro series later in the year.

The last information available is from about four weeks before the end of the season and gives some idea of the amount of late-season activity, notably the surge from Bill Middleton who had replaced his aged Brabham BT21C with a new Lola T240.

Standings as at 14 September

1. Ron Dykes Brabham (BT29) CSCC 36 pts
2. Thomas Kornell Brabham (BT29) CSCC 22 pts *
3. John Angus Brabham (BT29) CSCC 18 pts *
4. Frank Monise Lotus (41C) CSCC 14 pts
5. Bill Middleton Brabham (BT21C) CSCC 9 pts *
6. Bob Williams LeGrand CSCC 9 pts *
7. Mike Hagen Brabham CSCC 6 pts *
8. Bruce Powers LeGrand CSCC 3 pts *
9. Greg Gosar Winkelmann CSCC 3 pts
10. Don Davis Brabham (BT29) CSCC 3 pts *
11. (Doug) Brenner Brabham (BT29) CSCC 3 pts
12. Jay Jamison Brabham (BT29) CSCC 2 pts
13. Steve Cole Lotus CSCC 2 pts
14. Charlie Adams Brabham (BT21C) CSCC 2 pts
15. Dino Dioguardi Venture CSCC 1 pt
16. Gary Goddard LeGrand CSCC 1 pt *

* Indicates total includes points earned out of home divisions.

Southern Pacific Division SCCA Nationals in 1971

31 Jan 1971Holtville AerodromeSan Diego Region
14 Feb 1971RiversideCal Club Region
28 Feb 1971Phoenix International RacewayArizona Region
14 Mar 1971Willow SpringsCal Club Region
18 Jul 1971RiversideCal Club Region
06 Sep 1971Bonneville Raceway Park Utah Region
26 Sep 1971Phoenix International RacewayArizona Region

Southern Pacific Division sources

Although Los Angeles was one of the homes of American motor racing, we have few sources of information for southern Californian FB racing in this period. Competition Press & Autoweek had some regional coverage up to 1973 and Formula magazine then took over for a period in the mid-1970s. However, we are keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. The key ones are:

  • California Sportscar [1960s] (California Sports Car Club)
  • Post Grid [1969-1970] (California Sports Car Club Region)
  • Finish Line [from 1971] (California Sports Car Club Region)
  • Gridlines (San Diego Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals for this division.