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After the merger of the California Sports Car Club into the SCCA in 1962, the club's "CSCC Notes", edited by Terry Keegan, was replaced by "Post Grid" as the new "official magazine of the CSCC Region". However, during much of this time it co-existed with California Sports Car magazine - or there were two names for the same publication. Ian Dunn was publisher of Post Grid in the late 1960s and he brought in Dave Bean as Editor in 1967. A year later Bob Schilling took over as Editor. Schilling had been involved in racing since the 1950s, and had been one of the main players in the Formula Racing Association in the early 1960s, before his long writing career began. In May 1969 the title changed to "Post Grid and California Sports Car" and started again from Vol 1 No 1. In November 1969, Schilling had a major falling out with Cal Club's board, and left, but a significant turnover of Board members in the election at the end of that year saw him return to the editor's chair in time for the February 1970 issue when he published a defiantly independent manifesto for the publication.

With Schilling back in charge, Post Grid continued to the start of a second volume in May 1970 before being replaced by Finish Line in February 1971. Through 1970, "Post Grid/California Sports Car" was published by Smith Associates & John Brophy Associates, with Schilling as Editor, Peggy Hammonds as Competition Editor, and Bev McAffee and 'Natalie Rice-Krispies' among the reporters. The club's Executive Secretary and Licencing Chief Silvia Triechler wrote a 'Silvia Sez' gossip column in Post Grid which is a good source for cars changing hands, although her principal interests were "engagements, weddings, births, deaths, anticipations, operations, illegal operations, separations, divorces, annulments, draft notices, cheap shabby affairs, bar mitzvahs, etc".

Anyone who can help us offset the cost of building a complete collection of Post Grid by loaning copies or scanning reports would be most appreciated. Contact Allen if you can help.

Edition Comment
Vol 1, No 1 - April? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 2 - May? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 3 - June? 1969Needed
Vol 1, No 4 - July? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 5 - August? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 6 - September? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 7 - October? 1969Needed
Vol 1, No 8 - November? 1969Needed
Vol 1, No 9 - December? 1969 Needed
Vol 1, No 10 - January? 1970 (undated)ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 1, No 11 - February 1970ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 1, No 12 - March 1970ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 1 - May 1970 ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 2 - June 1970 ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 3 - July 1970 ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 4 - August 1970 ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 5 - September 1970ORC (acquired on Ebay May 2019)
Vol 2, No 6 - October? 1970 Needed
Vol 2, No 7 - November? 1970Needed
Vol 2, No 8 - ?Needed
Vol 2, No 9 - ?Needed
any other copies up to early 1971Needed


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