Finish Line

In February 1971, the official club publication of the California Sport Car Club, aka 'Cal Club' or CSCC, changed its title from Post Grid to 'Finish Line', still using a folded newspaper format similar to Post Grid - and also very similar to Competition Press & Autoweek. Bob Schilling, editor of CSCC official publications since 1968, continued as editor and also in at the start were Competition Editor Peggy Hammond, ubiquitous west coast reporter Ed Pitz, and "the notorius Natalie Rice-Krispies".

A year later, in March 1972, Finish Line was revamped in a very impressive magazine format, published by John T. McArthur of Valley Wide Publications Inc who was the latest in a series of publishers to attempt to publish a monthly publication free of charge to the CSCC in return for whatever advertising income he could generate. Schilling again remained as editor, with Pitz and Rice both listed as Associate Editors. In early 1973, this arangement unravelled when McArthur realised he could not make the deal profitable and from August 1973, the club published the magazine themselves. At the end of 1974, Schilling noted that 1974 was the first year that the Cal Club had been published 12 times in a year since 1968. In February 1976, Schilling was still Editor with Peg Hammond and Natalie Rice still Associate Editors.

Since a purchase of 30 copies of Finish Lane in November 2017, ORC now has 17 spare copies available for exchange. We still need many editions from early 1975 onwards.

Anyone who can help us offset the cost of building a complete collection of Finish Line by loaning copies or scanning reports would be most appreciated. Contact Allen if you can help.

Edition Comment
Newspaper format  
Vol 1, No 1 - February 1971 NEEDED
Vol 1, No 2 - March 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 3 - April 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 4 - May 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 5 - June 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 6 - July 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 7 - August 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 8 - September 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 9 - October 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 10 - November 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 11 - December 1971? NEEDED
Vol 1, No 12 - January 1971? NEEDED
Magazine format  
Vol 1, No 1 - March 1972 ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 2 - April 1972 ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 3 - May 1972ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 4 - June 1972 ORC
Vol 1, No 5 - July 1972 ORC
Vol 1, No 6 - August 1972 ORC
Vol 1, No 7 - September 1972ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 8 - October 1972ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 9 - November 1972 ORC
Vol 1, No 10 - December 1972ORC (have spare copy)
Vol 1, No 11 - January 1973ORC (have spare copy)
February 1973ORC (have spare copy)
March 1973 (Believed to be the last
edition published by John T. McArthur)
ORC (have spare copy)
April - July 1973 Not published
August 1973 (First self-published edition)ORC (have spare copy)
September 1973 ORC
October 1973ORC
November 1973 ORC (have spare copy)
December 1973ORC
January 1974ORC (have spare copy)
February 1974ORC (have spare copy)
March 1974Needed
April 1974ORC
May 1974ORC
June 1974ORC
July 1974ORC
August 1974ORC
September 1974ORC
October 1974ORC (have spare copy)
November 1974ORC
December 1974ORC (have spare copy)
January 1975ORC (have spare copy)
February 1975 ORC (have spare copy)
March 1975ORC
April 1975Needed
May 1975Needed
June 1975ORC
July 1975Needed
August 1975ORC
September 1975Needed
October 1975Needed
November 1975 Needed
December 1975Needed
January 1976Needed
February 1976ORC
March 1976 (start of Volume 5?)Needed
April 1976Needed
May 1976Needed
June 1976Needed
July 1976Needed
August 1976Needed
September 1976Needed
October 1976Needed
November 1976Needed
December 1976Needed
1977 onwards - all editions needed 

We don't currently know how long this self-publication arrangement existed. By early 1981, Paul Pfanner had taken over as publisher of Finish Line through his company Pfanner, Catheron & Brown (Santa Ana, CA). Natalie Rice had risen to the post of Editor of Finish Line and Pfanner's partner Suzette Catheron was Art Director. Volume numbering had disappeared quite early on, replaced by just the month and year, but would later be restarted with effect from the beginning of 1980. Schilling was listed as Editor Emeritus in 1981 and as Senior Editor in 1983. By 1984, Finish Line was renamed California SportsCar Club News and Bill Sparks, a long-time partner of Pfanner and future founder editor of Racer, had taken over the Editor's chair from Rice. Stability had finally arrived at the Cal Club publication because by 1989, Pfanner was still publisher, Sparks still Editor and, to reinforce the continuity, former editors Rice and Schilling were the two Feature Editors. Rice had also been appointed to the Board of Governors as Secretary and remained in this role until 1999.

Pfanner, Catheron & Brown took on other club magazines, such as the Alfa Romeo Owners Club magazine, and would later start Racer magazine in 1992.


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