Northern Pacific SCCA Formula B 1968

The highly competitive NorPac Division was won by Mike Eyerly in a 1966 Brabham BT18, the same car with which he would win the 1969 'Pro' series. He had started the season in Mike Chase's Formula C Brabham BT18 but quickly moved up to FB.

Nick Reynolds was closest to Eyerly in a brand new Brabham BT21C followed by Peter Darr's ex-F2 Lotus 44 and Jon Milledge's BT21. None of these drivers tried their luck in the 1968 Pro series until the last race at Laguna seca where Eyerly dominated the FB class, beating his rivals by two laps. Suitably encouraged, Eyerly, Darr and Milledge would all compete in the 1969 series. Reynolds, a member of successful folk group The Kingston Trio, retired to his Oregon ranch.

Final standings

1. Mike Eyerly Brabham (BT18) Ore. 38 pts *
2. Nick Reynolds Brabham (BT21C) S.F. 32 pts *
3. Peter Darr Lotus 44 Ore. 24 pts *
4. Jon Milledge Brabham BT21 S.F. 18 pts
5. Wes McNay LeGrand (Mk 3B) S.F. 10 pts *
6. Dave Ogilvy Lotus 35 N.W. 9 pts
7. Robert Parker Lotus (27/32) Ore. 6 pts
8. R.J. Schmidt Alexis Mk VI Ore. 4 pts
9. Dr William Monson Brabham (BT21A) N.W. 3 pts
10. Woody Harris Kellison/Ford S.F. 3 pts
11. Robin Jackson LeGrand S.F. 2 pts *
12. Jack Franck Lotus 41 S.F. 2 pts
13. Steve Pfeifer Brabham "BT21" (BT14?) S.F. 1 pt
14. Michael Brodie Lotus S.F. 1 pt

* Indicates total includes points earned out of home divisions.

1968 Schedule

05 May 1968NewportOregon Region
19 May 1968SeattleNorthwest Region
07 Jul 1968Cotati RacewaySan Francisco Region
25 Aug 1968SeattleNorthwest Region
08 Sep 1968Portland International RacewaysOregon Region
22 Sep 1968Cotati RacewaySan Francisco Region

Several of these tracks were using different names in 1968. Cotati was called Golden Gate Raceway, Portland was usually called Delta Park, and Seattle was then known as Pacific Raceways but more usually just called Kent.

The Newport event was the 6th Annual Loyalty Days Races on a 2.3-mile circuit at Newport Airport on 30 Apr-1 May 1968; the Portland event was the Oregon Grand Prix and the second Cotati was The Pacific National Championship Sports Car Road Races on 22 Sep 1968.

The other major race meeting in the area was the Rose Cup Sports Car Races at Portland on 8-9 Jun 1968, which was organised in 1968 by the rival ICSCC but would become a SCCA National in 1970.

Northern Pacific Division sources

Most of our knowledge of NorPac racing comes from the SCCA's Sports Car magazine, from Competition Press & Autoweek and from an extensive collection of San Francisco Region's The Wheel newsletter from 1971 onwards. We are very keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of all three of the main SCCA regional publications in this division:

  • The Wheel (San Francisco Region)
  • Northwest Sports Car News (Northwest Region)
  • Loud Pedal (Oregon Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals, notably the Laguna Seca Sprints and the Rose Cup Races.