Bill Wolfe in his Lotus 41 at Seguin in 1968.  Copyright Bill Wolfe 2018.  Used with permission.

South West Division SCCA Formula B 1968

With Gus Hutchison and his team having moved on, Southwest Div was left with a couple of Lotus 41Cs but a complete change of drivers. The new names were led by Richard Negley, Sandy Shepard and Larry Harley, all of whom would move on to Pro FB and then into Formula A.

The only new Formula B car that appeared in SWDiv in 1968 was Bill Wolfe's Lotus 41, which he raced at Green Valley Raceway, Stardust International in late-February, and Clear Springs at the start of March, before selling it to Sandy Shepard and heading off to dental school.

Final standings

1. Richard NegleyLotus 41Alamo42 pts 
2. Sandy ShepardLotus 41Texas25 pts
3. Larry HarleyLotus 51Texas17 pts 
4. Jim HallHalfbreedTexas14 pts 
5. Robert P SmithLotus 51Texas9 pts 
6. Richard McDanielBMCTexas6 pts 
7. Scott KeithLotus 51Texas6 pts 

† Indicates total includes points earned out of home division.

1968 Schedule

11 Feb 1968Green Valley RacewayTexas Region
17 Mar 1968Clear SpringsAlamo Region
12 May 1968Austin Raceway ParkLone Star Region
02 Jun 1968Chennault Field (Lake Charles Airfield)Southwest Louisiana Region
16 Jun 1968Green Valley RacewayTexas Region
07 Jul 1968Galveston Airport (Scholes Field)San Jacinto Region
04 Aug 1968Austin Aqua FestivalLone Star Region
15 Sep 1968Odessa Raceway ParkWest Texas Region
29 Sep 1968Clear SpringsAlamo Region

Racing expanded in SWDiv as Texas Region held a second National at their home track at Green Valley Raceway, West Texas Region held a National at Odessa Raceway Park, Southwest Louisiana Region had a race at Lake Charles Airfield and Lone Star Region organised an event at a new permanent facility at Austin Raceway Park. Alamo and San Jacinto Regions had the same events as 1967 but both Central Louisiana Region's and Red River Region's events were lost.

Southwest Division sources

Coverage of SWDiv was much slimmer in Competition Press & Autoweek than for other Divisions. To make the historian's life even more difficult, a couple of the Regions that organised National events do not appear to have had their own newsletters for much of this period: Alamo Region in Texas and Central Louisiana Region in Louisiana. The known Regional publications are:

  • Deltagram (Delta Region)
  • Journal (San Jacinto Region)
  • Lone Star Draft (Lone Star Region) - from 1979
  • Roundup (Texas Region)
  • Spinout (Southwest Louisiana Region) - from 1978
  • Border Bulletin (South Texas Border Region)

For much of the 1960s, the most important publication for this area was Southwest Racing News, published from 1963 onwards by Bill Gay from Dallas and running on until at least 1974. We are exceedingly keen to acquire copies of any of these.

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from all SCCA Nationals and Regionals in this Division.