MidWest Division SCCA Formula B 1968

Formula B numbers jumped up in 1968 but this was almost entirely due to an influx of Formula Ford Lotus 51s. The SCCA didn't have a Formula Ford class, and seemed reluctant to start one, but the cars were eligible for Formula B so ran in that class throughout 1968. At least seven scored points in MidWest FB and they filled the first three places in the Division. Stutz Plaisted, although now regarding Kansas as his home region, was racing his Lotus 22 in Texas.

Final standings

1. Bill JohnsonLotus 51Kansas City19 pts 
2. Gene ForsthofelLotus 51Kansas City17 pts 
3. Bob SpoonerLotus 51St Louis15 pts 
4. Brian FollonLeGrand [Mk 3B]Colorado12 pts 
5. Bob NicholsLotus 51NEOkla11 pts 
6. James HarrisLotus 51Kansas City11 pts 
7. Harvey Woodward? [Lotus 51]Kansas City10 pts 
8. H T AfghaniShark SpecialKansas City9 pts 
9. Doug ChamplinLeGrandOklahoma9 pts 
10. John SaucierLotus 51Oklahoma9 pts 
11. Stutz PlaistedLotus [22]/AlfaKansas6 pts
12. Richard AndersonLotus 51Kansas City1 pt   

† Indicates total includes points earned out of home division.

1968 Schedule

21 Apr 1968Stuttgart AirportArkansas Region
09 Jun 1968Continental DivideRio Grande Region
23 Jun 1968Mid-America RacewaySt Louis Region
07 Jul 1968Ponca CityOklahoma Region
28 Jul 1968Lake GarnettKansas City Region
18 Aug 1968Lake AftonWichita Region
02 Sep 1968War BonnetWichita Region
15 Sep 1968Mid-America RacewaySt Louis Region
29 Sep 1968Continental DivideColorado Region
06 Oct 1968War BonnetNortheast Oklahoma Region

Midwest Division sources

Race results for Midwest Division Nationals from 1970 to 1978 have been kindly provided by veteran MiDiv historian Rocky Entriken. We also have some background information from Competition Press up to about 1973, when its interest in such events waned considerably, but we know little of the goings-on away from these events and are are keen to acquire or borrow 1960s, 1970s and 1980s copies of SCCA regional publications from this Division. The key ones are:

  • Checkpoint (Kansas City Region)
  • Course Record (Arkansas Region)
  • The Echo (Southern Illinois Region)
  • Exhaust Notes (Nebraska) - full archive available at nrsccahistory.com.
  • Gasket Gazette (Oklahoma Region)
  • Neokla Observer (NE Oklahoma Region), renamed Sports Car Observer in 1980
  • The Offside Undo (Kansas Region)
  • Redline (Colorado Region)
  • Steerin’ Column (Mid-South Region)
  • Wheelspin (St. Louis Region)
  • Witches Wail (Wichita Region)

We are also keen to get scans of entry lists from SCCA Nationals for this division.