Rennmax BN2

One-off built for Max Stewart based on a Brabham BT14 design. It ran in the secondary Racing Car category, ANF1.5, with a 1.5-litre twin-cam Ford engine, and Stewart raced it everywhere, twice winning the Australian Championship and bringing himself to the notice of Alec Mildren. This car used the engine and gearbox from John Harvey's BT14 and used a frame built from the jig created by Britton when he converted Harvey's BT14 to Repco power.

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Rennmax BN2
'the Stewart car'
Built Feb 1968 for Max Stewart: Warwick Farm Tasman round 18 Feb 1968; Australian Gold Star 1968; advertised Nov 1968 - Clive Millis (Victoria) (1.5-litre Ford): Australian Gold Star 1969 (Bathurst GS 7 Apr 1969, Mallala 13 Oct 1969 and Warwick Farm 7 Dec 1969). Millis raced the car in the Warwick Farm Tasman race in February 1970 but hit the fence. He then acquired a new Elfin 600B. This may be the massive accident at Warwick Farm that the car is reported to have had, in which it was badly damaged but later rebuilt and continued racing. Sold to Frank Curcio (Victoria) and raced by him in early 1971. Subsequent history unknown but one story was that it was converted to a Formula Ford called the Koala. Unknown

Note that two or three of the BN3s were referred to as BN2s in period. In these histories, based on knowledge of the frames of many surviving cars, the BN2 is regarded as a one-off BT14-based car in early 1968 and the BN3s are regarded as the late-1968 and 1969 cars which were BT23-based.