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The Sports Car Club of America was founded in 1944 with a group in Boston, and expanded quickly with groups in Washington and Philadelphia. Russell G. Sceli was appointed Regional Executive for the Hartford, CT, area, with another region in Boston headed by Ted Robertson, but by 1949 Hartford and Boston had coalesced into a single New England Region as the SCCA grew to 18 regions across the US.

In July 1950, New England Region published the first edition of 'Pit Talk', the first regional SCCA publication, and it continued as a reliable monthly for nearly 40 years. Amy Schlossberg was editor from 1964 to 1967, and gave the newsletter a very consistent look, but in 1968 her place was taken by Henry Bostder, who modernised Pit Talk's appearance before handing over to Josh & Barbara Hill for 1969. Josh Hill was appointed a director in 1970, leaving Barbara as sole editor, but she left the post at the end of that year, and Pit Talk was a scruffy newsletter until Jim Fisk took over in 1972. Fisk left due to work pressures, and was replaced by Joe McDonough in 1973, then Andrew Bodge in 1974. Bodge stayed on for 1975, when Pit Talk won the SCCA Best Regional Publication Award for large regions, then Bob Beaulieu took over at the start of 1976, only to announce his retirement 12 months later. Silvia Zalla took over from October 1977.

OldRacingCars.com is compiling a collection covering the years 1964 to 1984. Currently the collection contains 80 of the approximately 161 editions published from 1964 to 1978. Anyone who can help us offset the cost of building a complete collection of Pit Talk by loaning copies or scanning reports would be most appreciated. Contact Allen if you can help.

Edition Comment
All issues before 1 Jan 1964 Needed
1964 (Jan, No 154 - Dec, No 165)Complete
1965 (Jan, No 165[sic] - Dec/Jan, No 176 Complete
1966 (Feb, No 177 - Dec, No 187) Complete
1967 (Jan, No 188 - Nov, No 188) Need Dec 1967
1968 Need all copies
1969 (only have Aug, No 218 - Dec, No 222) Need Jan-Jul 1969
1970 (Jan, No 223; Aug, No 230; Sep, No 231; Nov, No 233) Need Feb-Jul, Oct, Dec 1970
1971 (Jan, No 235 - Mar, No 237) Need Apr-Dec 1971
1972 (only have Jul, Aug and Dec/Jan) Need Jan-Jun, Sep-Nov 1972
1973 (February and July only) Need Jan, Mar-Jun, Aug-Dec 1973
1974 (Jan/Feb, Mar-Aug, Oct-Dec) Need Sep 1974
1975 (Jan/Feb, Jun-Nov) Need Mar-May, Dec 1975
1976 (Mar, Apr, Jun-Dec) Need Jan, Feb, May 1976
1977 (Aug/Sep and Oct only) Need Jan-Jul and Nov-Dec 1977
1978 (Jun/Jul only) Need Jan-May and Aug-Dec 1978
1979 onwards  

The International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen has a virtually complete collection of Pit Talk from April 1965 to March 1979. Its total collectionof Pit Talk goes from 1959 to 2005.

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