Leo Geoghegan in the Birrana 274 at Oran Park in 1974.  Copyright oldracephotos.com.  Used with permission.

Australian Formula 2 1974

In 1974, the ANF2 series was boosted by a large injection of sponsorship from Van Heusen. The deal was secured by Hans Tiepermann who ran promotional activities for Grace Bros, one of Australia's biggest retail store chains, and owners of a prominent racing team. Tiepermann saw ANF2 as providing better racing than the F5000 series, and wanted to use the funding to promote Grace Bros team members through Formula Ford to ANF2 and beyond. The extra money led to a significant re-equipping of the top ANF2 teams, with new Birranas replacing the old Elfin 600s, March 732s arriving from England, and new designs emerging from Bowin, Elfin and Rennmax.

Leo Geoghegan started out as he ended 1973, winning the first two races in a new Birrana 274, but was chased hard by Bob Muir, who had started the season with a couple of guest drives in Rennmaxes, but then took over Bob & Marj Brown's Birrana 273 and won three of the next five races. Muir crashed at the last race, leaving Geoghegan to finish second and clinch the title.

The races

16 Jun 1974 > Hume Weir

23 Jun 1974 > Oran Park

21 Jul 1974 > Amaroo Park

18 Aug 1974 > Calder

22 Sep 1974 > Symmons Plains

13 Oct 1974 > Phillip Island

27 Oct 1974 > Adelaide International Raceway

08 Dec 1974 > Lakeside

1974 Van Heusen Australian Formula 2 Championship table

1Leo GeogheganBirrana 274 - Ford twin cam41 pts3 wins
2Bob MuirRennmax BN6 - Ford twin cam
Birrana 273 - Ford twin cam
37 pts3 wins
3John LefflerBowin P8 - Ford twin cam25 pts1 win
4Ray WinterMildren 'Mono' - Ford twin cam24 pts1 win
5Bruce AllisonBirrana 274 - Ford twin cam12 pts 
6Graeme CrawfordBirrana 273 - Ford twin cam11 pts 
7Johnnie WalkerElfin 622 - Ford twin cam10 pts 
8Wolfgang PrejawaBirrana 274 - Ford twin cam8 pts 
9Enno BuesselmanBirrana 273 - Ford twin cam6 pts 
10Tony StewartBrabham BT36 (Dolphin) - Ford twin cam6 pts 
11Ken ShirvingtonMarch 732 - Ford twin cam4 pts 
12Max StewartMarch 722 - Ford twin cam3 pts 
13=Ian DouglassMarch 733M/743 - Ford twin cam3 pts 
13=Chris FarrellElfin 600B - Ford twin cam3 pts 
15Craig McAllisterElfin 622 - Ford twin cam2 pts 
16=Michael StillwellElfin 622 - Ford twin cam1 pt 
16=Paul HamiltonElfin 600 - Ford twin cam1 pt