Australian Formula 2 Race

Symmons Plains, 22 Sep 1974

1 Bob Muir Birrana 273 [273-009] - Ford twin cam
#18 Bob & Marj Brown
40 44m 30.1s
2 Ray Winter Mildren 'Mono' - Ford twin cam
#27 Ray Winter
3 Sonny Rajah March 732 [712M-7] - Ford twin cam Hart
#4 Julius Marlow [Sonny Rajah]
4 Graeme Crawford Birrana 273 [273-010] - Ford twin cam
#66 Graeme Crawford
5 Chris Farrell Elfin 622 [74441] - Ford twin cam
#36 Chris Farrell
NC Chas Talbot Birrana 274 [274-016] - Ford twin cam
#2 Chas. Talbot
NC Leo Geoghegan Birrana 274 [274-015] - Ford twin cam
#1 Grace Bros/Levis Racing Team [Leo Geoghegan]
R Bruce Allison Birrana 274 [274-017] - Ford twin cam
#62 Hobby & Toyland Racing
23 Engine
R Malcolm Ramsay Birrana 273 [272-006] - Ford twin cam
#3 Bob & Marj Brown
1 Crash
R Kevin Bartlett Lola T360 ['AU1'] - Ford twin cam
#5 Glenn Abbey (see note 1)
1 Crash
DNS John Leffler Bowin P8 [P8-118-72] - Ford twin cam
#7 Grace Bros/Levis Racing Team [John Leffler]
(see note 2)
Did not start
DNS Ian Douglass March 733M/743 [3] - Ford twin cam
#77 Ian Douglass (see note 3)
Did not start
UNKE Wolfgang Prejawa Birrana 274 [274-012] - Ford twin cam
#26 Wolfgang Prejawa
On entry list

All cars are 1.6-litre ANF2 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T360 ['AU1'] (Kevin Bartlett): Believed to be the prototype T360, which was tested at Silverstone and then used to facilitate construction of production jigs. It was a complete car when acquired by Don Baker of Dolphin Racing and Lola agent Glen Abbey, but dismantled and shipped to Australia in parts, where it was given the identity 'AU1'. Fitted with a Ford twin cam engine for ANF2, and raced by Chris Farrell, Graeme Lawrence, and Kevin Bartlett. Acquired by Fred Gibson from the Bartlett-Abbey organisation in mid-1974. To Doug McArthur for 1975 and 1976, then to Andrew Miedecke and rebuilt as a Formula Pacific for the 1977 New Zealand series. Returned to Australia for John Davis to race as an ANF2 in 1977, then converted to the new single-cam ANF2 and raced by Davis in 1978. Then to Jim Hunter but remained unused until it reappeared in historic racing in 1989. Bought by Colin Haste (Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia) in 2002, and still with him in 2013.
  2. Bowin P8 [P8-118-72] (John Leffler): Built in August 1972, supplied to Bob Jane Racing and fitted with a Repco Holden V8 for John Harvey to race in the Australian Gold Star series. First appeared at Surfers Paradise 27 Aug 1972 but failed to start with fuel problems. Then raced in a non-championship event at Warwick Farm a week later, where Harvey finished fifth in Heat 1 but collided with Kevin Bartlett at the start of the Heat 2. The car was then stored for 18 months, until sold to John Leffler to replace his damaged ANF2 Bowin P8/2. Converted to ANF2 specification and raced in the Australian F2 series in 1974, and in Australian Gold Star events. Leased to Sue Ransom for a one-off race at Wanneroo Park in May 1975. The car remained in Western Australia, and is reported to have been owned by Rod Housego and Ian Wookey, before reappearing at Wanneroo Park in the hands of Rob Richards in 1980. Richards raced it as late as 1982, in Formula Pacific specification. Then unknown until 2004, when it was being restored by Matthew Lloyd. Lloyd died in 2008, just as the car was being completed, and in 2009 it was bought by Dean Saunders.
  3. March 733M/743 [3] (Ian Douglass): New to Russell Wood and run for him in the British F3 series by Peter Bloore Racing with backing from The Chequered Flag. Wood won three early round of the championship but had a heavy accident at Zandvoort in May and did not win again. Sold to Australian Ian Douglass for 1974 and rebuilt for Australian F2, using various 742 bits. The car was involevd in a fire during private testing at Oran Park after the Lakeside race in December 1974 and was completely burnt to the ground.


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