Jim Clark in the Lotus 33 at Longford in 1967.  Copyright oldracephotos.com/com/David Keep.  Used with permission.

Tasman Cup 1967

After the success BRM had achieved in 1966 with a 1.5-litre F1 car with enlarged engine, Jim Clark and Lotus tried the same approach and returned in 1967 with a Lotus 33 fitted with one of the very rare 2-litre Climax FWMV V8 engines. BRM hadn't rested on their laurels and had enlarged their P60 V8 engines from last season's 1930cc to 2070cc and had three BRM P261s on standby for Jackie Stewart and Richard Attwood. Completing the strongest line-up yet for the Tasman Cup, Jack Brabham was back for the full season with teammate Denny Hulme and a two-car team of Brabhams with full 2.5-litre Repco V8 engines.

Stewart was very quick in his BRM but a series of gearbox failures left him with just two victories, ironically at the high-profile national Grands Prix. The Brabham-Repcos were also horribly unreliable although Jack was able to use his exra horsepower to dominate at the very fast Longford circuit. So that left Clark largely unchallenged as the Lotus-Climax finished every race and won five of them, including three that counted for points.

Frank Gardner had the best of the local cars, Alec Mildren's ex-F2 Brabham BT16 with 2.5-litre Climax engine and tied for second in the title race after a string of third and fourth places. Kevin Bartlett also ran well in Mildren's second string Brabham BT11A and Leo Geoghegan finished an excellent second at Sandown in his ex-Clark Lotus 39-Climax.

For more on the 1967 Tasman season, see '1967: Hulme, Stewart and Clark: Levin, New Zealand Tasman and beyond…' on Primotipo.

The races

07 Jan 1967 > New Zealand Grand Prix at Pukekohe

14 Jan 1967 > Levin International

21 Jan 1967 > Lady Wigram Trophy

28 Jan 1967 > Teretonga International at Teretonga Park

12 Feb 1967 > Lakeside "99"

19 Feb 1967 > Australian Grand Prix at Warwick Farm

26 Feb 1967 > Sandown Park Cup

05 Mar 1967 > South Pacific Trophy at Longford

Tasman Cup events shown in bold

1967 Tasman Cup table

1Jim Clark2-litre Lotus 33 - Climax FWMV V845 pts3 wins
2=Jackie Stewart2.1-litre BRM P261 - V818 pts2 wins
2=Jack BrabhamBrabham BT22 - Repco V8
Brabham BT23A - Repco V8
18 pts1 win
2=Frank GardnerBrabham BT16 - Climax FPF18 pts 
5Richard Attwood2.1-litre BRM P261 - V810 pts 
6Kevin BartlettBrabham BT11A - Climax FPF9 pts 
7Leo GeogheganLotus 39 - Climax FPF8 pts 
8=Denis HulmeBrabham BT7A - Climax
Brabham BT22 - Repco V8
7 pts 
8=Chris Irwin2.1-litre BRM P261 - V87 pts 
10=Jim PalmerBrabham BT22 - Climax FPF3 pts 
10=John Harvey1650cc Brabham BT14 - Ford twin cam
1860cc Brabham BT14 - Ford twin cam
3 pts 
12Graeme Lawrence1.5-litre Brabham BT18 - Ford twin cam2 pts 
13=Dene Hollier1.5-litre Lotus 27 - Ford twin cam1 pt 
13=Roly Levis1.5-litre Brabham BT18 - Ford twin cam1 pt 

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All cars are 2.5-litre Tasman formula cars unless otherwise noted.