Steve Ross in his McRae GM1 at Teretonga in September 2009.  Copyright Kevin Thomson 2009.  Used with permission.

HRC Tasman Revival 2009/10

Former champion Chris Hyde returned to the series after a year away and won the opener and also the prestigous Australan Grand Prix support race in Stuart Lush's McRae GM1. Kenny Smith was his closest rival in David Abbott's Lola T430, and when the McRae broke, as it did at Hampton Downs and Pukekohe, Smith took victory, and wrapped up the title. Also very quick was Steve Ross, who had bought Alistair Hey's McRae GM1, the car that Hyde had used to win the 2008/09 title. Ross held a narrow points lead going into the final race but a half shaft sheared, and Smith took the points he needed to retain his title.

Grid sizes had surged, from less than 20 cars at each event in 2007/08, to 23 in 2008/09, and now to nearly 30 in 2009/10. The key reason was an enormous contingent over from England, led by the Lyons family with Eagle 74A, Lola T400 and Lola T332, and acccompanied by Daryl Taylor (Chevron B28), Mark Dwyer (Lola T332C), Greg Thornton (Surtees TS11), Grant Clearwater (McLaren M10A/B), Mike Whatley (Surtees TS8), Neil Glover (Lola T330), and Peter Dunn returning with his March 73A. Bruce Leeson was also back from the US with his McLaren M10B. Of the Kiwis, Warwick Mortimer had bought a Surtees TS5, Aaron Burson had bought Jay Esterer's McRae GM1, Stan Redmond had acquired a Lola T333CS from somewhere, and Brett Willis had a Lola T330 recently reconstructed by John Crawford.

The races

15 Nov 2009 > MG Classic meeting at Manfeild

10 Jan 2010 > Lady Wigram Trophy at Ruapana Park

24 Jan 2010 > NZ Festival of Motor Racing at Hampton Downs

31 Jan 2010 > NZ Festival of Motor Racing at Pukekohe

21 Mar 2010 > The Shannons Phillip Island Classic

28 Mar 2010 > Australian Grand Prix support race at Albert Park

2009-2010 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series table

1Ken SmithLola T430 - Chevrolet V8389 pts 
2Steve RossMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8373 pts 
3Ian ClementsLola T332 - Chevrolet V8284 pts 
4Chris HydeMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8262 pts 
5Sefton GibbLola T332 - Chevrolet V8249 pts 
6Roger WilliamsLola T332 - Chevrolet V8197 pts 
7David AbbottLola T430 - Chevrolet V8149 pts 
8Brett WillisLola T330 - Chevrolet V8139 pts 
9Aaron BursonMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8
Talon MR-1A - Chevrolet V8
124 pts 
10Tony RichardsLola T332 - Chevrolet V897 pts 
11Russell GreerLola T332 - Chevrolet V896 pts 
12Gregory ThorntonSurtees TS11 - Chevrolet V893 pts 
13Peter DunnMarch 73A - Chevrolet V886 pts 
14Aaron LewisMatich A50 - Repco Holden V8
Chevron B24 - Chevrolet V8
71 pts 
15=Timothy RushBegg FM4 - Chevrolet V8
McLaren M22 - Chevrolet V8
62 pts 
15=Mike WhatleySurtees TS8B - Chevrolet V862 pts 
17Darcy RussellLola T330 - Chevrolet V859 pts 
18John Mackinlay4.4-litre March "72A" - Oldsmobile V856 pts 
19Peter BursonMcRae GM1- Chevrolet V855 pts 
20Daryl TaylorChevron B28 - Chevrolet V851 pts 

Most events

A total of 35 F5000 Tasman Revival events had taken place by the end of this season. The drivers who had taken part in the most were as follows.

Stan Redmond31
David Abbott30
Poul Christie30
Ian Clements29
Stuart Lush23
Kerry Anderson23
Tony Richards23