One of the newcomers for the 2007/08 season was this Lola T142, acquired from the US by Steve Ross.  Copyright Kevin Thomson 2008.  Used with permission.

HRC Tasman Revival 2007/08

Interest in the series continued to grow slowly but surely in New Zealand, and 19 cars started the Lady Wigram Trophy in January. Frank and Judy Lyons from England boosted the numbers further for the next two races, and at Phillip Island, where the VHRR allowed a few F1s to join in, a total of 28 cars participated in practice. After years of Lola T332 domination, the title fell to a McRae GM1. Alistair Hey had acquired Stan Redmond's former car and put Chris Hyde in the seat. The Ruapuna Park driving school owner was completely dominant, taking pole position at every event, and winning every race. Best of the rest was Kenny Smith, who was offered the seat in David Abbott's usual Lola T430 now that Abbott had reconstructed the sister car.

As well as David Abbott's second Lola T430, other 'new' cars to appear in 2008 included Tim Rush's Begg FM4, John Bryant's Lola T140, Tony Roberts' McLaren M22, and a Lola T332 built up by Shayne Windelburn for Roger Williams.

The races

11 Nov 2007 > MG Classic meeting at Manfeild

06 Jan 2008 > Lady Wigram Trophy at Ruapana Park

27 Jan 2008 > Tasman Cup Revival Series race at Pukekohe

03 Feb 2008 > Tasman Cup Revival Series race at Taupo Motorsport Park

09 Mar 2008 > The Shannons Tattersall's Phillip Island Classic

2007-2008 MSC F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series table

1Chris HydeMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8398 pts 
2Ken SmithLola T430 - Chevrolet V8294 pts 
3Tony RichardsLola T332 - Chevrolet V8242 pts 
4Sefton GibbLola T332 - Chevrolet V8240 pts 
5Stan RedmondLola T332 - Chevrolet V8168 pts 
6David AbbottLola T430 - Chevrolet V8138 pts 

Most events

A total of 23 F5000 Tasman Revival events had taken place by the end of this season, and the founder members of the series had been very loyal. Stan Redmond had only missed the Manfeild race in November 2006.

Stan Redmond22
David Abbott19
Stuart Lush19
Ian Clements18
Poul Christie18