Noel Atley in the Begg 018 at Teretonga's Classic Speed Fest in February 2005.  Copyright Kevin Thomson 2005.  Used with permission.

HRC Tasman Revival 2004/05

Despite plans to include the Philip Island Classic, the trip to Australia did not go ahead, and the only regular Australian visitor for the Tasman Revival's second season was Aaron Lewis. The Adelaide resident had an unfortunate season, badly damaging his Matich A50 against the tyre wall at Teretonga Park. The Skope Classic brought in some overseas visitors, including Abba Kogan from Monaco with his Formula 2 Brabham BT36, and original Tasman driver Bob Muir, who was on hand to drive Lewis's Matich.

The series was dominated by the three Christchurch-based Lola T332s of Murray Sinclair, Ian Clements, and Stan Redmond. There were few new cars taking place, and English visitors Frank and Judy Lyons went to the Philip Island Classic instead. Could the series make it into a third season?

The races

14 Nov 2004 > Whittakers Classic at Manfeild

06 Feb 2005 > Skope Classic at Ruapana Park

13 Feb 2005 > Classic Speed Fest at Teretonga Park

20 Mar 2005 > HRC Formula Libre Grand Prix at Pukekohe

2004-2005 Flexoplas NZ Express Formula 5000 Challenge table

1Murray SinclairLola T332 - Chevrolet V8305 pts 
2Ian ClementsLola T332 - Chevrolet V8246 pts 
3Stan RedmondLola T332 - Chevrolet V8220 pts 
4Roger WilliamsMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8188 pts 
5Poul ChristieLola T190 - Ford V8181 pts 
6David AbbottLola T430 - Chevrolet V8112 pts 
7Tony RobertsTalon MR-1 - Chevrolet V8111 pts 
8Shayne WindelburnLola T400 - Chevrolet V890 pts 
9Noel AtleyBegg 018 - Chevrolet V873 pts 
10Stuart LushMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V865 pts 
11Lindsay O'DonnellBegg FM5 - Chevrolet V854 pts 
12Aaron LewisMcRae GM1 - Chevrolet V8
Matich A50 - Repco Holden V8
50 pts 
13Phil MaugerBegg 018 - Chevrolet V846 pts 
14Bob MuirMatich A50 - Repco Holden V820 pts