The unusual sight of a red BRM as Arnold Glass wrestles his Buick-powered BRM P48 round Warwick Farm at the 1962 Australian GP.  Copyright Ken Devine 2011.  Used with permission.

Australian Gold Star 1962

Bib Stillwell dominated the 1962 Gold Star in his 1961 Cooper 'lowline' T53. His most potent local rivals were Lex Davison who had a similar car and John Youl who acquired Jack Brabham's even newer Cooper 'slimline' T55 after the Internationals. David McKay also acquired an ex-works T53 but the achieved little with the car.

Reigning champion Bill Patterson retained in his 1960-type Cooper-Climax Mk IV 'T51' and was off the pace of the newer cars. Every other significant runner also used the T51 but Lex Davison gave his Aston Martin DBR4 a few outings and Arnold Glass put the ex-Scarab Buick engine in his BRM P48 towards the end of the season and finished fifth in the Australian GP.

The races

04 Feb 1962 > Warwick Farm "100"

10 Feb 1962 > Celebrities Scratch Race at Lakeside

11 Feb 1962 > Lakeside International

25 Feb 1962 > Victorian Trophy at Calder

05 Mar 1962 > South Pacific Championship at Longford

12 Mar 1962 > Sandown Park International

22 Apr 1962 > Bathurst 100

28 Apr 1962 > Racing Feature at Calder

03 Jun 1962 > Queensland Road Race Championship at Lowood

16 Sep 1962 > Victorian Road Race Championship at Sandown Park

08 Oct 1962 > Advertiser Trophy at Mallala

14 Oct 1962 > Hordern Trophy at Warwick Farm

18 Nov 1962 > Australian Grand Prix at Caversham

Australian Gold Star events shown in bold

1962 Australian Gold Star table

1Bib Stillwell2.5 Cooper 'lowline' T53-Climax45 pts2 wins
2John Youl2.2 Cooper Mk IV 'T51'-Climax
2.5 Cooper 'slimline' T55-Climax
21 pts 
3Bill Patterson2.5 Cooper Mk IV 'T51'-Climax18 pts 
4Greg Cusack2.5 Cooper Mk IV 'T51'-Climax18 pts1 win
5David McKay2.5 Cooper Mk IV 'T51'-Climax
2.5/2.7 Cooper 'lowline' T53-Climax
17 pts 

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The other rounds were won by John Surtees (the South Pacific Championship at Longford on 5 Mar 1962), Lex Davison (the Victorian Road Race Championship at Sandown Park on 16 Sep 1962) and Bruce McLaren (the Australian Grand Prix at Caversham on 18 Nov 1962). As Surtees and McLaren didn't have Australian drivers' licences and thus didn't qualify for the Gold Star, maximum points at those two races went to Jack Brabham and John Youl respectively.