Bill Patterson in his Cooper T53 at Longford in 1964. Copyright oldracephotos.com/Pat Smith.  Used with permission.

Australian Gold Star 1964

Gold Star rules changed in 1964 with the races being run to the new 2.5-litre 'Tasman formula. Champion Bib Stillwell decided to keep his Brabham BT4 and found that it was easily strong enough to retain his title, taking two wins and two second places from the first four races. John Youl also kept his Cooper T55 for the first few races before retiring from the sport. Lex Davison was able to secure another Brabham BT4 after the Internationals and handed his Cooper T63 down to young teammate Rocky Tresise.

Replacing Formula Junior was the new AF1½ category for 1500cc cars. The leading runners were late-1963 Formula Junior cars converted to Ford twin cam engines and the quickest of these were Greg Cusack's Brabham BT6 and Arnold Glass's Lotus 27. At the end of the season Leo Geoghegan appeared in a new F2 Lotus 32 with a twin-cam and won the Hordern Trophy after Stillwell and the pole-sitting Kiwi Frank Matich dropped out wth engine troubles.

The races

09 Feb 1964 > Australian Grand Prix at Sandown Park

02 Mar 1964 > South Pacific Trophy at Longford

13 Sep 1964 > Lakeside

12 Oct 1964 > Mallala

06 Dec 1964 > Hordern Trophy at Warwick Farm

1964 Australian Gold Star table

1Bib StillwellBrabham BT4 - Climax FPF30 pts1 win
2Lex DavisonCooper T62 - Climax FPF
Brabham BT4 - Climax FPF
15 pts1 win
3Greg Cusack(ANF1½) Brabham BT6 - Ford14 pts 
4=John YoulCooper T55 - Climax FPF10 pts 
4=Arnold Glass(ANF1½) Lotus 27 - Ford twin cam10 pts 
6=Frank MatichBrabham BT7A - Climax FPF9 pts 
6=Leo Geoghegan(ANF1½) Lotus 32 - Ford twin cam9 pts1 win
8=Garrie Cooper(ANF1½) Elfin Mono Mk I - Ford4 pts 
8=Rocky TresiseCooper T62 - Climax FPF4 pts 
10=Dave Walker(ANF1½) Brabham BT2 - Ford3 pts 

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All cars are 2.5-litre ANF (Tasman formula) cars unless otherwise noted.