1977 Peter Stuyvesant New Zealand Formula Pacific

New Zealand's pioneering move to Formula Atlantic, while the Australians still dithered over their decision, proved a huge success and they were rewarded with their best International contingent in years. Fred Opert Racing from the US led the entry with Chevron B34s for Keke Rosberg, who had been racing in F2 for the Warsteiner Toj team, and newly crowned European FSV champion Mikko Kozarowitzky. A number of expat Kiwis came home for the series: from the US came Alan McCall and his Tui team with a car for Tom Gloy, and Dave McMillan who had acquired a Ralt RT1 on his travels; and from Britain came engine expert John Nicholson with a Modus M3. Aucklander Steve Millen would prove very impressive his his ex-F2 Chevron B35 acquired from Fred Opert Racing. Australian Bruce Allison and Kiwi Ken Smith had both bought brand new cars, while Albert Poon represented Hong Kong.

The opener at Bay Park was a fabulous race with McMillan and Rosberg dicing for the lead but when Rosberg's Hart failed and McMillan spun, it was young Millen that took the win. Rosberg struck back with a dominant victory in the GP at Pukekohe, and repeated that at Manfeild, both times with Tom Gloy proving the best of the rest in second place. At Teretonga the Finn was fastest in the race by over a second a lap, with his compatriot and team-mate Kozarowitzky just holding off Gloy for second place. Rosberg would probably have won again at Wigram but for a deflating tyre which allowed Gloy to take victory and to clinch second place in the championship.

The races

03 Jan 1977 > Baypark Raceway

09 Jan 1977 > Pukekohe

16 Jan 1977 > Manfeild

23 Jan 1977 > Teretonga Park

30 Jan 1977 > Wigram

1977 Peter Stuyvesant New Zealand Formula Pacific Championship table

1Keke RosbergChevron B34 - Ford BDA Hart33 pts3 wins
2Tom GloyTui BH2 - Ford BDA Nicholson25 pts1 win
3Bruce AllisonRalt RT1 - Ford BDA Hart15 pts 
4=John NicholsonModus M3 - Ford BDA Nicholson10 pts 
4=Mikko KozarowitzkyChevron B34 - Ford BDA Hart10 pts 
6=Dave McMillanRalt RT1 - Ford BDA Hart9 pts 
6=Steve MillenChevron B35 - Ford BDA Hart9 pts1 win
8Richard MelvilleMarch 76B - Ford BDA Swindon6 pts 
9Andrew MiedeckeLola T360 - Ford BDA5 pts 
10David OxtonChevron B29 - Ford BDA2 pts 
11Ken SmithMarch 76B - Ford BDA Nicholson1 pt 

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