Hunting the Lola T142

The Lola T142s are a problem. Unlike the later T330s and T332s which are reasonably well understood, hardly any of the T142s have a continuous history, few have managed to keep their chassis plate, and minimal Lola records exist. So we're going to have to try something different.

The T142s are unusual in that they carried two numbers when they left the factory: a chassis plate on the front and a frame tag on the rear.

Frame tag locationChassis plate location

The two numbers are not the same and part of the problem decyphering the history of these cars is that many owners have assumed that the frame tag, which typically survives, bears the same number that would have been on the chassis plate, which typically has been removed. Because of this, some T142 owners have been inadvertently claiming the wrong history for their cars.

This has to be sorted out and the only way to do it is to find every surviving T142 and record its frame number and, if we can, its chassis number. The table below shows the cars we know were built, aligned as best we can with the cars that survive today.

More information is needed. We need observed numbers on cars. We need to find owners, both past and present. We really need to find chassis plates in the toolkits of former mechanics or the desk draws of former owners (don't worry, you can keep them - we just need to know what they say).

18 or 19 of the 28 cars have been located so far but we are either not in contact with the owner or still need more information on seven of those.

All and any help would be gratefully received. Please e-mail Allen at allen@oldracingcars.com if you can add anything.

Chassis Original invoice
SL142/18 Nov 1968 Haas
SL142/19 Dec 1968 Haas
SL142/20 undated Taylor
Chassis no Frame tag Owner when information recorded
20 none Reto Kuprecht (CH) 2008
SL142/21 Jan 1969 Haas
SL142/22 Feb 1969 Henley Forklist
21 21 Roger Stones (UK) 2005
22 n/a Ryan Hodges (UK) 2006 on a T70
SL142/23 Dec 1968 McNichol
SL142/24 Jan 1969 Haas
23 49 Anthony Corin (SA)
unknown unknown Steve Ward (NZ) 2006
SL142/25 Jan 1969 Serrurier
SL142/26 Jan 1969 Haas
SL142/27 Feb 1969 Haas
SL142/28 Mar 1969 Haas
SL142/29 Feb 1969 Wietzes
25 28 David Wood (UK) 2006
none none Lothar Kremer (US) 2007
SL142/30 Mar 1969 Haas
SL142/31 Mar 1969 Forbes
SL142/32 Apr 1969 Haas
SL142/33 Apr 1969 Haas
SL142/34 Apr 1969 Haas
SL142/35 Feb 1969 McKechnie
SL142/36 Feb 1969 Fraser
30 32 Kerry Anderson (NZ) 2005
33 none Mead Korwin (US) 2011
unknown unknown Roger Deans (UK) 2007 - '36'
SL142/37 Apr 1969 Norinder
SL142/38 Apr 1969 Kroll
37 none Anthony Brazzo (UK) 2006
37 none Roger Townshend (NZ) 2005
38 26 (replaced) Adam Simmonds (UK) 2013
SL142/39 May 1969 Haas
SL142/40 No invoice
SL142/41 Jul 1969 Haas
SL142/42 Aug 1969 Williams
SL142/43 Aug 1969 Haas
SL142/44 Aug 1969 Haas
SL142/45 Aug 1969 Haas
39 43 Miles Whitlock (US) 2006
Unresolved T142s
unknown unknown Ramos Francisco - '24'
none 38 Murray Bryden (US) 2016
none 40 Donald McGreevy (US) 2017
none 42 Gary Lovie (NZ) 2018
unknown '49' Scott Bader (US) 2017

Frame tags examples

The frame tag on Earl Zwickey's car.  
	  Copyright Earl Zwickey 2004.  Used with permission.

The frame tag on Earl Zwickey's car. Copyright Earl Zwickey 2004. Used with permission.

The frame tag on Burt Curtis's T142.  Copyright Evan McGreevy 2004.  Used with permission.


The frame tag on the "ex-Derek Williams" T142 in New Zealand

Please note that the tags vary significantly in their layout, positioning, format and contents.

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