Australian Formula Pacific 1985

John Bowe's domination of ANF1 continued as he won the first four Formula Pacific races held in Australia in 1985 to win the Gold Star. The only new car to have been imported to Australia was the Ralt RT4/85 run by Menage Motorsport for Peter Hopwood. He finished second to Bowe in each of his four races in the car, as if to emphasise the thin state of Australia's top single-seater category. The minor placings were mopped up by the various 1981 cars still circulating, mostly Ralt RT4/81s, some of which were in 1982 specification. The quickest of the non-Ralts was Alfredo Costanzo's Tiga, which now had a FA81-derived tub built in Australia by Jim Hardman.

A little variety was on show. Willie Stobart had an interesting ex-F2 March 832 but could not get it working, Graham Brown had an Argo JM9, and Ken Shirvington had taken over the Toleman TA860. The local cars were led by the Cheetah Mk8s, but the Australian constructors were now more interested in the single-cam ANF2 category than in Ralt-dominated ANF1. Elfin Cars had been purchased by Don Elliot after Garrie Cooper's death in April 1982, and produced an Elfin 852 for ANF2, designed by Tony Edmondson. Brett Fisher picked up a couple of decent results in Formula Pacific with the Liston BF1, built by Paul Liston and Fisher.

The races

31 Mar 1985 > Wanneroo Park

26 May 1985 > Amaroo Park

21 Jul 1985 > Lakeside

18 Aug 1985 > Oran Park

15 Sep 1985 > Sandown Park

03 Nov 1985 > Australian Grand Prix Formula Mondial support race at Adelaide Street Circuit

Australian Gold Star events shown in bold

1985 Australian Gold Star table

1John BoweRalt RT4/84 - Ford BDD Jennings36 pts4 wins
2Peter HopwoodRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD Jennings24 pts 
3Peter MacrowCheetah Mk8 - Ford BDD11 pts1 win
4Brian SampsonRalt RT4/83 - Ford BDD
Cheetah Mk8 - Ford BDD
9 pts 
5=Terry RyanRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD7 pts 
5=Bob CreasyRalt RT4/82 - Ford BDD7 pts 
7=Keith McClellandRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD6 pts 
7=Ross ZampattiRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD6 pts 
9Bruce ConnollyRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD4 pts 
10=Chris HockingRalt RT4/83 - Ford BDD3 pts 
10=Peter BoylanRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD3 pts 
10=Geoff NicolRalt RT4/82 - Ford BDD3 pts 
10=Brett FisherListon BF1 - Ford BDD3 pts 

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