Australian Formula Pacific 1984

John Bowe invested in a new car for 1984, a Ralt RT4/84, the only competitor that did, and he was rewarded with the Gold Star title, easily outpacing the updated Tiga FA81/83 of habitual champion Alfredo Costanzo.

Although the Grand Prix was another success, leading to Australia's long-awaited Formula 1 Grand Prix coming to Adelaide in 1986, the Formula Pacific/Mondial category was floundering. CAMS had dithered so long to introduce Formula Pacific and then the Mondial fiasco had hit the category just as it appeared to be growing. The grids in 1984 typically consisted of six or seven Ralt RT4s, most of them dating from 1981, Costanzo's well-used 1981 Tiga, a couple of Cheetah Mk 8s and then the ANF2 cars. Many voices were now saying that Australia could not support Pacific/Mondial, ANF2, Formula Ford and Formula Vee. As the Grand Prix would not be part of the Gold Star from now on, the future of the national drivers title did not look bright.

The races

01 Jul 1984 > Adelaide International Raceway

22 Jul 1984 > Lakeside

29 Jul 1984 > Calder

12 Aug 1984 > Winton

19 Aug 1984 > Oran Park

26 Aug 1984 > Wanneroo Park

09 Sep 1984 > Sandown Park

18 Nov 1984 > Australian Grand Prix at Calder

1984 Australian Gold Star table

1John BoweRalt RT4/84 - Ford BDD Jennings52 pts5 wins
2Alfredo CostanzoTiga FA81/83 - Ford BDD32 pts2 wins
3Peter HopwoodRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD Jennings23 pts 
4Lucio CesarioTiga FA83 - Ford BDD
Ralt RT4/82 - Ford BDD
15 pts 
5Graham WatsonRalt RT4/83 - Ford BDD Nicholson13 pts 
6Peter MacrowCheetah Mk8 - Ford BDD6 pts 
7=John SmithTiga FA81 - Ford BDD4 pts 
7=Ian BlandKaditcha FM83 - Ford BDD4 pts 
9Peter PhillipsRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD3 pts 
10Peter BullElfin 622E - Ford BDD2 pts 
11Bob CreasyRalt RT4/82 - Ford BDD1 pt 

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