Australian Formula Pacific 1986

Ralt Australia had two new Ralt RT4/86s, one with Ignis sponsorship for Graham Watson, and the second with Pye sponsorship driven by Bap Romano and Ken Smith at three races each, and by Keith McLelland at another. Peter Hopwood also won two races in his year-old RT4/85, but Chris Hocking made little impact in the ex-John Bowe RT4/84 that had won the previous two titles. Bowe had given up on the category, and spent 1986 racing touring cars and sports cars.

The Cheetah Mk 8s had now nearly all retreated to ANF2, and apart from them, the only locally-built Formula Pacific cars to appear were the Liston BF1 of Brett Fisher and the Talbot 184 of Chas Talbot.

With interest in the Formula Pacific category so low, CAMS decided to abandon it after this season, as F5000 had been just four years earlier. This left the single-cam 1600cc ANF2 as the senior single-seater category in Australia until the introduction of Formula Holden in 1989.

The races

13 Apr 1986 > Sandown Park

27 Apr 1986 > Adelaide International Raceway

04 May 1986 > Wanneroo Park

01 Jun 1986 > Calder

29 Jun 1986 > Winton

13 Jul 1986 > Oran Park

02 Aug 1986 > Amaroo Park

1986 Australian Gold Star table

1Graham WatsonRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Edgell33 pts1 win
2Peter HopwoodRalt RT4/85 - Ford BDD27 pts2 wins
3Bap RomanoRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Jennings21 pts1 win
4Ken SmithRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Jennings18 pts2 wins
5Terry RyanRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD15 pts1 win
6=Peter LarnerRalt RT4/82 - Ford BDD9 pts 
6=Chris HockingRalt RT4/84 - Ford BDD9 pts 
6=Peter BoylanRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD9 pts 
9Brian SampsonRalt RT4/82 - Ford BDD8 pts 
10Bob CreasyRalt RT4/81 - Ford BDD6 pts 

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