Tommy Reid in Mick Mooney's Crosslé 10F in 1967.  Copyright Michael Mooney 2003.  Used with permission.

Tommy Reid in Mick Mooney's Crossl? 10F in 1967. Copyright Michael Mooney 2003. Used with permission.

John Crosslé built Ford-engined specials in County Down (N. Ireland) in the late 1950's before producing his first customer cars in 1960. His eighth design, the Crosslé 8F, was a 1965 libre special using a Ford V8 engine, effectively a F5000 car three years too early. After a crash, this was rebuilt as the 10F for 1966.

He built his first - and only - FA/F5000 design in late 1968 with the cars appearing in 1969 and 1970. No further F5000s appeared from the Knocknagoney factory but at least one of the 15Fs kept running into the mid-1970s.

The picture to the right is of Tommy Reid in Mick Mooney's Crosslé 10F in 1967. My thanks to Mick's son Michael for providing the image.

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Type Years Number built Notes
8F 1965 1 Commissioned by Mick Mooney to be raced in 1965 Northern Ireland libre racing by Tommy Reid and first raced at Bishopscourt 18 Sep 1965. The car had a monocoque chassis and, like its contemporary the Kincraft, was fitted with a 4.7-litre Shelby-Cobra Ford V8 engine. Effectively a F5000 design. Crashed badly in practice at Oulton Park on Easter Saturday 9 April 1966. Reid was injured and the car required very extensive reconstruction, emerging at the end of the season as the new Crosslé 10F.
10F 1966 1 Mick Mooney's 8F reconstructed for late in the 1966 season, debuting at Bishopscourt 3 Sep 1966 where Reid broke the lap record, setting the first 100 mph lap. The car was powered by a 4727cc Shelby-Cobra Ford. Raced again in 1967 before being sold to Fred Opert in the US. A 10F with a 289 ci Ford V8 was advertised by Michael Wiernicki (Trumansborg, NY) in March 1971.
15F 1968-1970 3 A small production run of these FA cars appeared in 1969 and 1970 on both side of the Atlantic. FULL CAR-BY-CAR LIST AVAILABLE

Thanks to Michael Mooney and Pete Stowe for helping with information on the 8F and 10F.

Other Crosslé single seaters

This list is derived from Alan Tyndall's '30 Years of Winning', published in 1988. Sports racing cars (such as the 5S, 7S, 9S, 37S, 42S, 47S) and Formula Fords (such as the 16F, 20F, 25F, 30F, 31F, 32F, 33F, 35F, 36F, 40F, 41F, 45F, 46F, 50F, 51F, 55F, 56F, 60F, 62F, 63F, 65F, 66F and so on) have been excluded.

Type Years Number built Notes
Mk I 1956/57 1 1172cc Formula
Mk II 1958 2 1172cc Formula
MK III 1959 1 1172cc Formula
4F   2 One Formula Junior and one 1172cc Formula
6F 1964-1965 7 Six Formula 3 and one for the new US Formula C in 1965
8F as above
10F as above
11F   1 prototype Formula B car raced in Ireland before converted to 12F specification and exported to the US.
12F   6 Formula B
14F 1968 2 Formula B
15F as above
17F 1969/70 1 Formula 3
18F 1970 2 Formula B (one for Brian Nelson and later modified to 19F F2 specification; the other built for FB and won at Sebring 1970 before being converted to F2 for 1971)
19F 1970 1 Formula 2 (development of the 18F for Luke Duffy, driven by Ken Fildes)
22F 1972 3 Formula 2 (one for Nelson with a 2-litre Hart; one for Fildes with a FVC)
24F 1972 5 Formula Super V
28F   1 Formula B version of the 22F
34F 1979 5 Formula Super V

Sources include Alan Tyndall's '30 Years of Winning' and a Crosslé feature in Motoring News 17 Dec 1970 p4.