Louis Durant

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25 Sep 1910
Belleville, Kansas


13 Feb 1972
San Bernardino, California


United States

Indy 500s:

2 (1940-1948)

Real name was actually Durant Lewis, and he swapped the names around, making the first name more exotic sounding on the hope that it might help with promotion at events. Son of a railroad conductor, he was a veteran AAA racer, and occasionally had a few major successes. His 1946 effort at Indianapolis, in a pre-war Alfa Romeo 308C car saw him finish in sixth and averaged over 100 miles an hour, which left him eligible to join the 100mph Club at the Speedway. Durant, who grew up in Herington, Kansas, raced for many years, taking up the sport in the mid-1930's, racing in his home state on dirt ovals. Durant also worked for the Ford Motor Company, who supported his racing career with either parts or sponsorship.

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