South Pacific Championship

Orange, 31 Jan 1956

1 Reg Hunt (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati 250F [2516] 6
27 1:02:45
2 Jack Brabham (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Cooper 'T40' ["GP2/55"] - Bristol 6

3 Kevin Neal (libre) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk II 'T23' [CBR-2-53?] - Bristol 6
R H Hunt Pty Ltd

4 Curly Brydon (libre) 2-litre Ferrari 166 F2 [114] - V12
R Cobden

R Stan Jones (libre) 3.8-litre Maybach 3 - SW s/c 6
DNS Reg Hunt (2.5 F1) 2.5-litre Maserati A6GCM/250F [2041 as '2503'] 6
Did not start
DNS Alf Harvey (libre) 4.5-litre Maserati 4CLT-48 [1607] - OSCA V12
(see note 1)
Did not start
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Maserati 4CLT-48 [1607] (Alf Harvey): To Enrico Platé for 1949 (dated 14 Nov 1949 in Maserati records) and raced by Bira up to Geneva 1950. Car fitted with a 4450cc OSCA V12 engine for Bira for the 1951 season. The OSCA was taken to Australia in 1955 by Bira as a spare car to his 250F and sold there to Alf Harvey who raced it from 1955 to 1959. The car then went to the UK for historic racing and was bought by Tom Wheatcroft in 1971. Subsequently in the Donington Museum.


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