Charles G Arnold

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New York City, New York




United States

Indy 500s:

1 (1912)

Early racer, who won a major race in Portland, Oregon in 1909 which was the Class B race, which was only secondary to the main road-race, won by Bert Dingley, who Arnold beat in the Class B race. A report of that day revealed that Arnold took his racing seriously, as 'never a smile crossed his face in all the times he passed the grandstand' but clearly enjoyed the spoils of victory as 'after the race, he fairly beamed and nodded affectionately at the dust begrimed and smoke blackened car and said "It was the car, not me"'. Arnold's win was not without controversy though, as competitor Murray Page filed a complaint that Arnold boxed him on the turns several times and that once, he had been forced to drive into a ditch to avoid a collision. The protest was thrown out. Portland was Arnold's racing highlight - other than his appearance at Indianapolis in 1912 as a relief driver, he didn't appear much more on the tracks past 1911. Not much is known about Arnold's biographical details but he may be Charles G Arnold 1875-1969 who was an automobile salesman in Portland.

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