Charles 'Dutch' Baumann


Charles "Dutch" Baumann, c. 1928. Copyright Steve Hill, 2011. Used with permission.


18 Oct 1896
Indianapolis, Indiana


19 Aug 1930
Kankakee, Illinois


United States

Indy 500s:

2 (1927-1928)

Killed in a test whilst still very much at the peak of his career. Best known as a sprint car driver, he often raced for Arthur Chevrolet, and remained close to all three brothers - even in death - as he is buried in the same cemetery. His first Indianpolis 400 was in 1926 as mechanic for Jack McCarver. In 1928, he had his best year, racing in 52 races, winning 43 of them. Actually of German ancestry, Charles originally worked on the family dairy farm before taking up racing in 1922.

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