Ronnie Householder

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05 May 1908
Omaha, Nebraska


11 Nov 1972
Detroit, Michigan


United States

Indy 500s:

2 (1937-1938)

Later worked for Chrysler and for Plymouth as a car designer, engineer, builder and development guru. Householder was one of the main members of Chrysler during the 1950's-1960's. Died of cancer. As well as cars, Householder also raced hydroplanes, winning the US West Coast Class C Championship in the sport. Householder started racing in the early 1930's, virtually exclusively in midget car racing, but he had a few land speed record attempts too. He won the US National Midget Championship in 1937 and continued winning and racing until he saw service in the Second World War, finishing with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1948, he retired to run his own radio station before joining Chrysler. He had planned to retire from them on his 65th birthday, but died just seven months short of retirement.

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