Bud Winfield

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18 Apr 1904
La Canada, California


29 Oct 1950
Fresno, California


United States


Novi (1950)

Full name William Clement, Winfield was the brother of Edward Winfield, who also built engine and a number of other designs. Both boys were of Norwegian and English ancestry. Ed got into the industry first as a mechanic for Harry Miller and learnt enough to open a garage which Bud then joined him in. Their speciality was carburettors which proved a massive success, becoming the leading supplier of carburettors in US racing. Bud was the more outgoing of the two siblings and often appeared at the annual Indianapolis 500 to be on hand as a consultant or to help set up cars. The two brothers also designed and built a 2 cylinder cycle internal combustion engine and a carburettor reservoir. Bud then left his brother to work on the Novi engine project until his death, aged only 46.

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