Marcin Budkowski

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23 Apr 1977




Alpine (2021)

Aerodynamic and aeronautic engineer who has been in Formula 1 for over twenty years. His first role was with Prost in 2001 as an aerodynamicist before joining Ferrari, remaining there until 2007. During that time he supervised the aerodynamic development team and then continued in much the same vein with McLaren when he joined them in 2007. In 2014, he moved to the FIA to become the Formula 1 technical co-ordinator and then became head of the F1 technical department. In 2018, he returned to team duties when he became involved with Renault and in 2021, he took the lead role in a largely collective team leadership in the Alpine team. He left Alpine at the start of 2022. He is now involved in a senior role attempting to bring the A1 GP format back to motorsport.

Biography last updated 20 May 2023