Yellow Pages Trophy Race

Brands Hatch, 21 Oct 1972

1 Tom Pryce Royale RP12 [1] - Ford BDA Broadspeed
#24 D.J.Bond
2 Bob Salisbury Brabham BT35 [43] - Ford BDA
#9 F.R.Gerard (see note 1)
3 Vern Schuppan March 722 [40] - Ford BDA Richardson
#1 Malaysia Singapore Airlines
4 Bev Bond Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] - Ford BDA Eden
#16 Alida Graham Eden Racing (see note 2)
5 Jim Murdoch Tui Mk1 ['AM1'] - Ford BDA Smith
6 Roger Williamson GRD 272 [016-F2] - Ford BDA Hart
#6 Wheatcroft Racing
7 Reg James Brabham BT28/35 [38] - Ford BDA James
8 Martin Watson GRD B72 [272 012-F2] - Ford BDA Bectune
9 John Calvert March 722 [29] - Ford BDA Richardson
10 Cyd Williams March 722 [39] - Ford BDA Eden
#5 Alida Graham Eden Racing
11 Patrick Sumner Kitchiner K4B ['Alie'] - Ford twin cam BRM
R Stan Mathews Ensign LNF3/72 - Ford BDA Richardson
3 Head gasket
DNA John Nicholson Huron - Ford BDA
#3 Pinch Plant Ltd
Did not arrive
DNA Bill Gubelmann March 722 [24] - Ford BDA Hart
Did not arrive
DNA TBA Puma HM22A - Ford BDA
#28 McKechnie Racing Organisation
Did not arrive
DNA Ian Mawby Lotus 69 [71/69.10.FB] - Ford BDA CSC
#31 (see note 3)
Did not arrive
DNA Chris Meek Brabham BT38 [28] - Ford BDA BRM
#41 Tate of Leeds (Racing) (see note 4)
Did not arrive
DNA Willie Green Chevron B20 - Ford BDA
#62 Hire International Racing Team
Did not arrive
DNA Tom Belsø Brabham BT38 [19] - Ford BDA
#63 Team Viking
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Cyd Williams (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 722 [39] - Ford BDA Eden 0.46.2
2 Tom Pryce (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Royale RP12 [1] - Ford BDA Broadspeed 0.46.2
3 Vern Schuppan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 722 [40] - Ford BDA Richardson 0.47.0
4 Bob Salisbury (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [43] - Ford BDA 0.47.2
5 Bev Bond (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] - Ford BDA Eden 0.47.2
6 Jim Murdoch (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Tui Mk1 ['AM1'] - Ford BDA Smith 0.47.8
7 Roger Williamson (F/Atl) 1.6-litre GRD 272 [016-F2] - Ford BDA Hart 0.48.2
8 Reg James (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Brabham BT28/35 [38] - Ford BDA James 0.48.4
9 John Calvert (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 722 [29] - Ford BDA Richardson 0.49.0
10 Martin Watson (F/Atl) 1.6-litre GRD B72 [272 012-F2] - Ford BDA Bectune 0.49.8
11 Stan Mathews (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ensign LNF3/72 - Ford BDA Richardson 0.50.8
12 Patrick Sumner (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Kitchiner K4B ['Alie'] - Ford twin cam BRM 0.51.0

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT35 [43] (Bob Salisbury): Sold to Bob Gerard for Bob Salisbury, October 1971. At Castle Combe 9 Oct 1971 the entry list has Salisbury in the Gerard team's BT30, but press reports say he uses a new BT35. Chassis number observed by Adam Ferrington on Salisbury's car at Oulton Park, 18 Mar 1972, and again at Oulton Park, 30 Sep 1972. Press reports sold to Harry Gilbert for 1973 season. Observed by Adam Ferrington on Harry Gilbert's car at Oulton Park, 7 Jul 1973.
  2. Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] (Bev Bond): New to Graham Eden and delivered just in time for the Oulton Park Formula Atlantic race on 21 March 1972, the second round of the British series. Eden retired from driving shortly after and recruited Cyd Williams to drive the car. Williams won seven championship rounds and finished second in the championship. Eden order Ensigns for 1972 but cancelled the order and bought March 722s, Williams continued to drive the Chrevron until his 722 arrived and won three of the first six rounds of the series. The car was later displayed at the London Racing Car show, where it was bought by Canadian Bob Armstrong (Winnipeg, Manitoba) for the Canadian Formula B series in 1973. Armstrong appeared in the early rounds of the series but made little impact and wasn't seen after June. Subsequent history unknown.
  3. Lotus 69 [71/69.10.FB] (Ian Mawby): A red Formula B specification Lotus 69 built during 1971 but still unsold at the end of the year. Not one of the cars advertised by Lotus Cars Ltd after the closure of Lotus Components so this must be the car raced by Ian Mawby (Cambridge) in Formula Atlantic and formule libre in 1972. Wrecked in Mawby's crash at Brands Hatch in November 1972 and Mawby bought the ex-Reine Wisell sister car to replace it.
  4. Brabham BT38 [28] (Chris Meek): New to Tate of Leeds (Racing) and driven by Chris Meek in British Formula Atlantic in 1972. To Bobby Howlings and raced briefly in libre in 1973, then on to Richard Shardlow (Baslow, Derbyshire) and raced in British hillclimbs from June onwards, fitted with a Rondel Cosworth BDE. To Alister Douglas-Osborn (West Hagley, Worcestershire) for 1974 and hillclimbed again, now with a 2.0 Hart Cosworth BDG. Retained by "ADO" for 1975 but modified by Pilbeam (as the 'R15') and raced with a 2.2-litre BDG, winning one British championship hillclimb and also two RAC sprint events at the end of the season. Modified further by Pilbeam for 1976 as the R22, and fitted with a F1 Cosworth DFV V8 engine. In this form it won six RAC British championship rounds in 1976, as well as winning the Guyson BARC series. Used again in this form in 1977, winning seven RAC rounds and both the RAC and BARC titles, but the car was written off in a crash at Doune in September. What was salvageable was used in the construction of a new Pilbeam MP22 for Malcolm Dungworth for 1978.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' orginal results.

The British race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Autosport and Motoring News reports in the UK plus the information supplied by a wide range of contributors on the Atlas F1 and 10 Tenths forums.

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Individual sources for this event

Programme AF, Organiser's qualifying time sheet [PS], Organiser's result sheet [PS], MN 26 Oct 1972 p14. A Yellow Pages Formula Atlantic Trophy Race.